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Cooking class

No description

Briseida Valadez

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Cooking class

By: Briseida Valadez Senior Project Who am I? Briseida Valadez
Frontier High School
P.O.S. - Culinary How can a high school student have a significant impact on the lives of special education students? Essential Question Want to become a special education teacher
Love helping others and making a difference
Like to cook
My godmother's son has special needs. Why did I choose this essential question? Before I conducted my first cooking class, I created a survey. 1st Cooking Class:
Making of Pizza After conducting the survey...... About 80% of the special education students wanted to learn how to make a pizza. After I knew that the students wanted to make a pizza..... I decided to create a lesson plan of the class I would be conducting. 1st Cooking Class:
Final Product Hurdles and Obstacles for 1st Cooking Class
audio/visual technical issues
scheduling conflicts
deciding what to teach the students How Am I Answering My
Essential Question? The way I am answering my essential question is through:
Conducting my cooking class
Surveying special education students My Job Shadowing I completed my job shadowing during my culinary class.
This is where I learned to make the pizza from scratch.
It gave me time to prepare for the cooking class.
The culinary kitchen is where I held the cooking class.
I also spent time at the transition center.
The transition center helped me learn how to teach the students.
These are the special education students that participated in my cooking class. 2nd Cooking Class:
Making of Pizza 2nd Cooking Class
Final Product Hurdles and Obstacles
for 2nd Cooking Class
Time management: (being behind on prepping)
Using kitchen: (bistro/catering events)
Changing dates
Technology issues High school is tough...... Many students struggle to "fit in" during their high school experience. For a special education student, it's no different and can actually be a lot harder.
We as high school students worry about:
getting picked on / bullies
fitting in
our self-esteem
In addition to these issues special education students also have to struggle with their disability. Impacting a Special Education Student's life is important because....... Now I ask you ..... What will you do to make a significant impact on the lives of special education students? Special Education Students:
go through a lot more obstacles in life than we do
deserve to be recognized by others
will achieve various goals with your help
can light up your world while impacting their lives
may feel a greater sense of belonging in the world Examples........ There are many other people who have impacted a special education student's life.

They have done so by:
nominating them prom king or queen
building schools to teach them to be independent and find jobs
creating ways for them to be involved in school sports teams and other organizations In El Paso, Texas one coach made an impact in a special education student by not just letting him be the manager of the basketball team but by also giving him the opportunity to play. Proof of making a significant impact How I made an impact..... What is the best possible way I could influence a special education student's life?

The things I considered were:
I want to become a special education teacher and make a difference.
I have a passion for helping others.
My program of study at Frontier High School is Culinary Arts.

After reflecting on all of these ideas, I decided to conduct a cooking class for the special education students in the Transition Center at Ben Barber Career Tech.

Why a cooking class?
Instilling independence
Fun to do while also learning at the same time
Who doesn't love to cook/eat? Incorporating technology and class evaluation After completing both of the cooking classes, I decided to make a class evaluation survey.

This also incorporated technology into teaching because the students took the survey on their iPads. Survey
Results..... I was invited by the special education students to their BBQ at the park.

We went to the park to hang out, have a barbeque together, and also have some fun.

This shows how I actually made an impact in their lives because I have a connection/friendship with them.
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