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- Object-Oriented Programming -

An introduction to the art of Object-Oriented programming languages, such as C++ and Ada

Rhett Gordon

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of - Object-Oriented Programming -

Object-Oriented Languages A presentation written by
- Rhett Gordon
- Robert Bagwell Object-Oriented programming languages are high-level languages that are based off of events with the program to An example might be:
IF object "submit" is pressed, THEN send file

This isn't an EXACT example of Object-Oriented coding, but it's a concept. A better example would be this This level of coding language uses elements of natural languages to help people easily write programs. This makes it easier to understand how to write it, just like a low-level language. When programs written in high-level languages are compiled, the compiler immediately translates them from their respective language to machine code. While high-level programming languages are more complex, they do a lot of the job that small individual low-level lines of code can do. Such languages can also be translated into low-level languages for newfound coders to use in understanding how a program works. There are a few good examples of high-level languages. HERE'S AN EXTEnSIVE LIST!
- C++
- Ada
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