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No description

Quinn Corcoran

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Netflix

review/approve all forms of compensation
administrate the Company's Stock Plan and Employee Stock Purchase Plan
purpse and philosophy is to attract/retain executive talent that maximaizes shareholder value .
Products and Service
Structure and Committees
Netflix is the Future
Nominating and Governing Committee
evaluate, nominate, and approve director nominees for elections
fill vancancies appointeted by the Board
provide a leadership role with respect to corporate governance of the Company.
Audit Committee
Compensation Committee
The Board of Directors
Convenience of Netflix

1. Start from a free month
2. No commitments, cancel Subscription at anytime
3. Watch on your PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and more.

Present and Future Goals

Reed Hastings
Work Culture
Netflix is known to pay well and offer great benefit packages including "unlimited vacation time."
"8 Reason to Work at Netflix"
They are best known for their "8 Reasons to Work at Netflix" which is on their corporate website.
1. Netflix delights and connects people with movies
2. We're democratizing movie distribution
3. We pay well
4. Our values are real
5. Rules annoy us
6. Our consistently outstanding people
7. We loves movies
8. Our amazing future
Future Goals
become the best global entertainment distrubtion service
license entertainment content around the world
create markets that are accessible to filmmakers
expand to over 20 million subscribers
give customers steller service
be a valuable and helpful partner to suppliers
be able to provide a profitable growth to investors
give employees great benefits
Present Goals

in charge of the Company’s accounting and financial reporting process
in charge of the Company’s systems of internal controls over financial reporting
in charge of the integrity and audits of the Company’s financial statements
Premium Streaming Video

Internet TV

Specializing in Movies and TV
Where do they sell to?
America = biggest following
Latin America
UK and Ireland
Nordic Nations
Customers = Everyone!!
"Moments of Truth"
How to attract customers?
-The simple choice
-Wide Selection
-Quality products
-Original content
The Battle for Buyers
-Push for lower prices
-The need for streaming
-Netflix and the Tech Boom
Stock Performance
2013-Now around 38 million subscribers

Key dates for Netflix Company
NetFlix.com, Inc. is formed in California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.
The company begins offering DVD rentals and sales.
Revenue sharing deals are signed with Warner Brothers and Columbia film studios
A partnership with Best Buy gives Netflix exposure in the chain's 1,800 stores.
The company goes public and changes its name to Netflix, Inc.
Subscribers top 1,000,000, and Netflix has its first profitable quarter.
Introduction of Video Streaming Services.

Netflix on the Rise
Different levels of subscription
Continued Growth
Netflix's Stance in Their Industry
Netflix is the largest internet televison and movie provider
Netflix states that their largest competator is HBO and their HBO-go online provider
Though they are competing Netflix is designed to co-exist with MVPD's (paid television channels) as many users have subscriptions to both and see them as different entities.
Problems & Challanges
As demand for streaming movies goes up, the price providers must pay for the rights to titles goes up
Many users share accounts between multiple households or abandon Netflix in favor of illegal streaming due to a lack of selection.
70% of the class has problem with Netflix's lack of selection or delay of popular titles
HBO does not face this problem
Technology Has Changed the Way People Watch Entertainment
Current Business
World's largest online DVD movie rental company.
More than 38,000,000 members
More than 100,000 titles.
Most expansive selection of DVDs,
Easy way to choose movies and fast,
Free delivery.

“Streaming TV network service” that people can use different media to watch.
One of the big competitors with cable and network television
Recommendations for Maximizing Performance
Increase selections
Decrease wait time for new programs
Smoother mobile streaming
Social emphasis, allowing users to add friends, recomend and share movies, find communities based on film taste, and upload movies purchased in other formats to personal accounts
Increase child and educational programs catering to the growing demographic of young tablet users
Class Statistics
Media Platforms
Reed Hastings
Netflix was founded in Scotts Valley, California, in August of 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph
Originally a DVD movie rental company
Main competitor was Blockbuster
Marc Randolph
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