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Pik Pak Order Fulfillment

Pik Pak Prezi - pick and pack order fulfillment on demand

chris chang

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Pik Pak Order Fulfillment

Order fulfilment on demand
How does it work?
Pik Pak
Customer order fulfilment
Contract Fulfilment
Set up costs
Lengthy implementation
High Fixed Costs
Look outside the box for a new solution
New Solution
Fast Set Up
No contract
Variable Cost
Order fulfilment "on demand"
What is "on demand" ?
On demand is infrastrucutre that is available when you need it.
No up front capital investment
No lengthy implementation
You come and go as you wish
Use as much or as little as you like
Short term requirements, start ups or seasonal peaks. There's no need to get locked in to a long term.
Full range of services to support your business.

Only use what you need when you need it.
Everything is already built so you can go live whenever you are ready.

You just subscribe with a User name and Password.
Avoid high set up costs and pay as you go.

Align your cost with your sales and grow your bottom line.

Increase productivity and ROI
It's so simple
Infrastrucutre, implementation and set up cost can be massive.

For a small business or start up these costs are prohibitive
Long term contracts are too rigid.

Your business needs to be repsonsive to change
Long set up phases, planning meetings, implementation projects.
Are they really necessary?
Can your customers wait?
High fixed cost need to be recovered.
If you're starting up do you really need this?
Is there nother way?
outsourcing options
You send inventory to a Pik Pak warehouse.
You enter customer order details.
Pik Pak picks the order from your inventory.
Pik Pak ships directly to your customers.
What's in it for me?
your business profitably
your time and money
the flexibility and freedom
more control
You can sell in more markets
Deliver to more customers
Online service
Orders shipped for you
Real time visibility
Custom plans
Pay as you go
No long term contracts
Having stock located in multiple facilities you can position your inventory closer to where your customers are.

This means you can meet “next day or faster delivery times to your customers.

By using Pik Pak you can sell to customer markets you couldn’t otherwise reach.
Pik Pak not only has a warehouse network but also many system integrations via our API.

This means you can do business with more customers more efficiently.

Large retailers often have scan packing requirements and require deliveries to large Distribution Centres.

Pik Pak builds interfaces and has delivery preferences with many of these retailers so our clients can access these distribution channels without having to spend large amounts on integrations or modifications to their standard delivery methods.

By complying with these requirements our clients are able to improve their debtor collections and delivery performance.
Pik Pak receives your products, stores them in modern and secure facilities.

Your inventory is visible on our web based system in real time.

As you receive customer sales orders we pick, pack and ship them directly to your customers.

You receive confirmation on the order status and your inventory is updated to reflect your available inventory, in real time.

You don’t have to fill in consignment notes, book transport, manage stock or wait for a delivery report.

It is all done for you.
Our online service means you can enter Purchase Orders for receipt or Sales Orders for delivery from your desktop.

You can do bulk imports or integrate directly with your accounting or shopping cart application.

You can view inventory, order and shipment status from any computer with an internet connection, in real time.

You can be in your office, at your beach house or overseas.

Providing a complete online service means our customers have more time to more important things like spending time with that next big customer or with family and friends.
Pik Pak is not a contract logistics provider.

This means that you do not have to sign up for years, meet minimum shipment volumes or pay for a fixed amount of storage space.

You can use what you need when you need it and leave or change plans anytime you like.
Pik Pak operates on a pay as you go basis.

You don’t need to pay for things you may never use like customs brokerage, insurance, packaging or technical support.

If you don’t use it then you don’t pay for it.

It’s as simple as that.
Your inventory is visible on our web based WMS in real time.

As you receive customer sales orders we pick, pack and ship them directly to your customers.

You receive confirmation on the order status and your inventory is updated to reflect your available inventory . . . . in real time.

You can give your customers or suppliers visibility access also.

Having visibility of where your inventory is and how much you have means you can do more with less.

You don’t need to hold spare inventory on a “just in case” basis.

Less inventory means lower costs.
Pik Pak has a number of standard plans available designed to give our customers more choice and more value.

However, sometimes your business is different so all our plans are customisable and you can change plans anytime you like without incurring penalties or cancelation charges.

By giving our customers more choice they can control their budget and service needs.
Send us your products and we will securely store them.
As your customers place orders we ship your products directly to them.
Deliver customer satisfaction and retention with superior service.
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