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Landon biggs

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Pharahos

King Tut Pharaohs King tut is known as the richest pharaoh

when he was found he had the most intact items
Khufu was the one that had the Great Pyramid The reason he had the great pyrimid was because he lived the second longest and he really was the richest pharaoh snsefru was the last pharaoh in the 3rd dynasty he ruled 24 years he established new trade routes and made the economy better there.

After snefru died the eygptians were better in battle and built more monuments of there rulers. Takelot was the sixth ruler of the 22 dynasty his sons were two high priests and one of them was Osorkon was responsible for the Largest inscription on the Bubasite Gate and on the Gate it told all about his life. Ramesses II
He lived to be 96 years old.
At the age of 22 he went on a champaing in nubia
With two of his sons.
Questions What dose the word pharaho mean? It means great house. What happens to a pharaho when they die? They were buried the way they were
so they would be prepared for the after life? Who are some pharahos? King tut, Ramesses II, Khufu, Cleopatra, what it a pharaho? An acient egyptian ruler Cleopatra is a freak Cleopatra was a girl. She was married to her younger brother. Khufu He was belived to be buried in the great pyramid. He lived the second longest out of all pharahos.
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