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The Greatest innovation of our generation

No description

jhensy lopez

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Greatest innovation of our generation

The Greatest innovation of our generation
Who invented it?
It was invented by the company of Samsung which was founded by Lee Byung-Chul.
When was it designed?
It was designed September 14,2013
What did people do before it was designed
They used the Samsung Galaxy note2 , I-phone5 , and Samsung Galaxy s4 .
What problem does it solve?
If you drop it in water it will still be working because is water proof.
How many kids use it?
More than 10,000 kids in the U.S use it.
Samsung Galaxy Note3
How does it make life better for kids of your age?
It makes it better for kids because it is easier to use than other phones, it is waterproof and if they drop it in water it would still work
How do they use it?
You have a little pen and if you go to notes and you use your pen you can write with your own handwriting,I recognizes your handwriting and typing you can ignore calls without touching it, you cando two things at once.
What is the science behind it?
Motion sensors is the science behind it for ignoring calls without touching it and special protection for the waterproof.
What challenges did the innovators face?
They had to set it up to be water proof and motion sensors and to set it up to use yo
How does it work?
If you want to ignore a call you can just swipe your hand over it to the right and it ignores it.
How does it change people's lives?
~If you drop it in water it will still survive because it is waterproof.
~You can write on it with a little pen it has and draw.
~You can ignore calls by just swiping your hand over it to the right.
How did the innovators overcome the challenges they had to face?
They had to make it less expensive so a lot of people would buy it.
They had to learn a lot of things to make it waterproof and motion sensors.
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