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WHS Information Databases


Erica Dietz

on 10 December 2009

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Transcript of WHS Information Databases

WHS Information Databases
2009/10 what they are & when to use them How to access our databases Easiest way = http://destiny.iusd.org Click on Woodbridge High School, then select a database Or go through the Library's Blackboard Page
= http://blackboard.iusd.org
General interest magazine & newspaper articles
---> 5,100 titles all subjects, NY Times, CSM, etc.

Reference books
---> Gale Encyclopedia of Science, Columbia Encyclopedia

Business periodicals

Podcasts (audio)
---> National Public Radio, Science@NASA, etc.

Video files
---> NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, Today Show, etc.

Some maps & historical images http://destiny.iusd.org Ideas for Use Current events Looking up specific publications Preliminary or additional research on a topic Ongoing research (RSS feeds, email) Government Reporter Issues Researcher http://destiny.iusd.org Mostly social science, but also current information in all subject areas & curriculum pathfinders Again, mostly social science but there is an Issues database American Government United States at War World History - Ancient American History United States Geography World Geography World History - Modern U.S. Geography Things to Consider Databases contain reliable information (needs to be reviewed for bias)
Usage is required by state standards
Updated regularly
Can be very useful in supporting student research needs
Public & academic library databases can be accessed, too
Need to be integrated into the curriculum to be worthy Issues
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