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Disney World

No description

Abbie :D

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Disney World

Walt Disney World by Abbie Heibert Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom Hollywood Studios Epcot Though Orlando, Florida is a hub for vacationers year round,Walt Disney World is by far the most family friendly place around. They have princesses, pirates, roller coasters, and an atmosphere that would put other amusement parks to shame. Finding something to do is never an issue.It's finding enough time that's the problem. Dining Rainforest Cafe Sci-Fi Drive-in theater Extra Entertainment Downtown Disney Downtown Disney Attractions Water Parks Parks Walt Disney World has resorts galore with one to fit every theme. Though some of the resorts are pricey without a Disney Vacation Club membership, many are available at easily affordable prices. Disney World has entertainment busting at the seams with four amusement parks, two water parks, a shopping center, and mini-golf courses. There is never a dull moment. Resorts have their own excitement as well. Entertainment Resorts Cinderella's Royal Table Located inside Cinderella's Castle
A character spot where princesses are known to be
Wonderful dining experience
Open for breakfast, lunch, and diner
In Magic Kingdom Magical atmosphere
Newly built "Fantasy land"
Divided into areas with different themes (Frontier land, Main Street, Fantasy Land, Adventure land, Tomorrow Land, Etc.)
Character sites for autographs and pictures
Firework shows and parades daily
Best known for: Cinderella's Castle Zoo atmosphere with rides
Beautiful landscape and animals
Themed playgrounds
Best known for: Tree of Life Allows people to "go around the world" and experience different cultures in the World Showcase
Teaches about scientific innovations and progress
Best known for: Spaceship Earth Ride ( the giant globe seen above) Theme of old Hollywood and Disney movie making
Has more attractions that revolve around movies that aren't Disney classics (Muppet, Star Wars, Indiana Jones)
Many behind the scenes action shows
Best known for: Giant Sorcerer Hat In two locations, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney
Rainforest theme with a "storm" every 15-20 minutes where the robotic animals move around
An attraction in itself that is always worth a trip Transportation Buses constantly run between parks and resorts
Monorails also run through parks and some resorts
A ferry can be taken to Magic Kingdom
Boats can be taken to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and select resorts
Disney's Magical Express takes patrons to and from airport
All Disney transportation is free of charge! Orlando's Climate In the summer temperatures average at 90 to 70 degrees

In the winter the average temperatures are 50 to 70 degrees

Weather can be sunny, cloudy, or rainy depending on season 50's Prime Time Cafe Authentic vintage atmosphere
TV's at tables that play popular 50's shows
Serves traditional american cooking
Located in Hollywood Studios Indoor drive-in setting
Classic cartoons and Sci-Fi commercials are shown on big screen
Serves american food
Known for fantastic burgers and milkshakes Downtown Disney is located inside Disney World, but it does not require a ticket to get in. It has excellent restaurants, shops, and entertainment. During the day, children and their parents have amazing experiences at the shops and restaurants. At night, the streets come alive with adults who get their share of fun. Cirque du Soleil shows
Live Music on Raglan Road
Bowling ally
Marketplace (Shopping Section)
House of Blues
Disney Quest Interactive Theme Park Blizzard Beach Typhoon Lagoon Winter beach theme Tropical theme Fun Feature: Ski life that goes to slides Fun Feature: Shipwreck that blows water over the wave pool every hour Overall, Disney World is an ideal location for a family vacation. Thinking of booking a trip? Consult a travel agent and let the magic begin.
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