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Self Introduction

A self introduction about myself and my three main character qualities.

Mitchell Strauser

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Self Introduction

Mitchell Strauser About Me Mitchell Strauser My Continuing Journey 18 years old
Graduated from Millersburg High School
Born August 7, 1994 I choose leadership as one of my main character qualities because back in High School I did a lot of things that were involved with our Elementary School. Leadership Another quality I choose to describe me would be servant work. I feel this describes myself because I am involved with the Food Ministry at my church and I have helped out with our local Little League whenever I can. Servant work I choose caring to describe myself and as one of my qualities because I feel like I'm a very caring person. When I think of myself as caring I think of when I care for my nieces or for my grandparents. Caring I believe my journey has just began and more qualities are still to come. God has giving me some good qualities and I believe he is still growing me into the man I'm suppose to be. God has shown me this path and I can't wait for the next path he will show me in my life. Three Qualities about myself
Servant Work
One story I have about this is when I was a Camp Councilor. As a high schooler we have a chance for a week to be a councilor at a camp our schools fifth graders go to and lead them in various activities. These were some of the best times during my years in high school because of the fun times we had with the kids and being positive role models for them. A story about my Church's Food Ministry is one time I was helping an elderly lady put the groceries we give out in her car. And she said to me "Thank you for all your help with this and being a great young man without you and this Church I don't know how i would make it." To me this makes it all worth it because God wants us to be servants. One story I can think of that really describes caring to me is when over the summer going into my senior year of high school I spent two weeks with my sister while she was on bed rest. I was very grateful for this time with my sister. We were always close to one another but through that experience we have grown closer. Through all of that I also was blessed with two beautiful twin nieces.
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