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The Sputnik Files

Sam visconti

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Sputnik

The Sputnik Project Sputnik 1 was a a major acomplishment for Russia, but a major scare for the United States. Sputnik 1 launched on October 4, 1957. There were 10 Sputniks in the Sputnik Project When the United States tried to deal with the Sputnik 1 scare, they rushed into the Vanguard Project. Vanguard 1 failed epically in a ball of fire. The Sputnik Crisis in the united States ignited the Space Race within the Cold War. While the Sputnik launch was a single event, it made the start of the Space Age. The United States believed it was the world leader in space technology and missile development. However, the surprise of Sputnik’s launch and the failure of the first U.S launch attempt proved differently. Less than a year after Sputnik launched, Congress passed the National Defense Education Act (NDEA). It was a four-year program that added billions of dollars into the U.S. education system. In 1953 the government spent $153 million, colleges took $10 million of funding. However, in 1960 the combined funding grew almost six times because of the NDEA. Because of Sputnik 1, the U.S. also created NASA. Fun Facts! Sputnik 2 carried the first creature to go into space. Her name was Laika, and she was a dog. However, Russia didn't plan for Sputnik 2 to land, so Laika was also the first space casualty. Sputnik 3 had to be re-launched, because the first time it blew up. The Sputnik project had 10 out of 11 sucessful launches. The Sputnik spacecrafts were originallydesigned to carry nuclear warheads. After Vanguard 1 failed, the Russian media began calling it "Flopnik" and "Stayputnik". Why do you think Russia suceeded with their Sputnik before the United States?
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