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Was Athens better than Sparta????

No description

Rhys Hitzig

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Was Athens better than Sparta????

Sparta Vs. Athens
Was Athens better than Sparta????
I think that Athens was way better than Sparta in terms of how they lived. I made the Prezi to show you why.
Athenian Government
Athens was a democracy which consisted of every man in Athens was given a white pebble and a black pebble. White meant yes and black meant no. You didn't have to vote. That was the beginning of democracy as we know it. Athens also had 500 councilmen who were administering the Assembly.

Spartan Government
Sparta is classified as an oligarchy which means that it had 2 kings. It was also part monarchy, part aristocracy, and part democracy. All men could also take part in an assembly not unlike Athens' assembly. Women didn't vote in either city-state.
Athens Social Structure
Athenians had 3 different ranks.
1: Aristocrats who owned large properties and had many slaves.
2: Small farmers with small properties.
3: Craftsmen and rowers. There were also slaves and metics. People who came from outside the city and had no right to own land.
Sparta's education involved only military training.
Athens' education involved reading, writing, sports, warfare, music, and poetry.
Girls in Sparta were given reading, writing and gymnastics education.
Girls in Athens were taught by their mothers.
Sparta's Social Structure
Sparta also had 3 ranks.
1: Spartiates. They owned land and were always in the military. They lived in barracks and had Helots farm for them.
2: Perioeci. They were the craftsmen and merchants. They were not allowed to vote.
3: Helots. The people who were farmers for the Spartiates. They could be killed if they rebelled or if the Spartiates wanted to.
Cultural Achievements and Legacy
Athens had great art, literature, architecture, science, and many other things. They were also famous for their democracy and trial by jury.
Sparta had great military and a simple lifestyle. Sparta's way of living also inspired a book called "The Republic". It was by Plato and it was the first book about a utopian community.
Athens Food and Home
Athens enjoyed food from all over the world including many types of fish and vegetables. The more wealthy people lived in large homes with inner courtyards. The poorer people slept in simple homes.
Spartan Food and Home
Spartan food usually consisted of pork, vinegar, salt, and BLOOD. They lived in military barracks.
Thank You
I hope you liked it
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