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No description

Tara Bannon

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of GenreLand

A Seed is Planted
Inspired by CODES in April 2013
July 2013, we sent a short survey to staff gathering input
September 2013, gauntlet dropped
February 2014, challenge ended
March 2014, final survey sent

The Challenge
Game Board
The Badge
Ideas for the Future
Review books from all over the country/world
Clue format for gameboard
Multiple formats (Film, Music, etc)
Dewey (100s, 200s, 300s, etc)
Focusing more on reading variety in the various audience levels
Menu format
Read outside our comfort zones
Build community amongst staff members as they talk about what they want to read/have read
Get to know more of our floating collection
Hone our Advisory skills
Bolster our Tech skills (through eBook use and blog/review writing)
Utilize our department tech equipment (iPad, Nook, Kindle)
Raise visibility of the RA Club, PDK and Teen Services groups
Generate balanced online content
The Results
Almost 100 staff members attempted the challenge and 48 brave souls completed their attempt.
93% of participants who responded to our survey said they read something they wouldn’t normally have read as a result of this challenge, so we were definitely reading outside our comfort zones.
62% of participants who responded to our survey stated that they talked about what they were reading with friends and colleagues more than usual as a result of the challenge.

How DPL used a Reading Challenge to Train Staff, Drive Online Content, and Create a Culture of Reading
Read 16 items in different genre/formats over a period of 6 months
Staff were encouraged to read any combination of children's, young adult or adult materials
Write a review for the material
Open to all staff regardless of job title
During the six month period between September and February, the total number of reviews increased from 205 posted last year to 1161 this year as a direct result of the Reading Challenge!
Our average number of staff reviewers increased from 12 per month to 44 per month during the challenge.
Of the staff members who participated, 58% had never submitted Staff Reviews before.
94% of participants who answered our survey stated they would continue to post Staff Reviews post-Challenge.
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