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Supporting Cruise Ships in Charleston

HTMT 360

Lauren Krey

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Supporting Cruise Ships in Charleston

Supporting Cruise Ships in Charleston, SC Danielle McAdory
& Lauren Krey Increase Tourism Increase Economic
Benefits Renovating an Area that Needs Help Criticisms: Pollution Criticisms: Space Criticisms: Traffic A survey of 1,800 cruise passengers showed that:
50% dine in local restaurants
30% stay at least one additional night in local lodging before or after their cruise
37% visit local attractions
40% are first-time visitors
97% of first-time visitors say they will return If 41,000 cruise ship visitors spend an average of $225, that's $9.23 million. Another study found that cruise ships will generate $37 million in direct revenues in 2010 = 400 local jobs There are thousands of college students coming into downtown Charleston every fall Shoreside power, which allows a ship to shut off its engines and plug into an electrical source, cuts air pollution emissions to zero. It will reduce air pollution more than any other single strategy and is quiet, clean & odor free. There is more foot traffic than motor traffic when these tourists come A study done by the States Port Authority in 2011 said that revenue can increase by $4.9 million yearly, 4X more than previous years Shoreside power is being used at large ports all over the world and it is becoming the norm. This use of shoreside power can help Charleston improve their air quality and raise it's grade from "F." Although this might cost extra money, in the long run it can help
the air quality and also bring all the benefits of cruise ships to Charleston. There are lots of festivals and events throughout the year that bring in thousands of tourists. Tourists are coming and spending money in restaurants and stores all throughout downtown Charleston. The Cruise Companies contributed $2.3 million to the economy in 2003. Cruisers only contribute to 1% of tourists each year Mayor Joe Riley agrees that if it is a problem the city will take action. The SPA proposes to downsize Union Pier from 3 berths to 1. They decided to remove over 1,000 feet of pier & vacate 35 acres, leaving it for expansion of the downtown community. Remaining docks in downtown Charleston will soon offer only 6 berths for ships, including only 1 for a large cruise ship. The State Ports Authority (SPA) has since moved containerships elsewhere, and then moved automobile ships from Union to Columbus. That resulted in 220 fewer ships tying up next to the historic Ansonborough neighborhood annually.
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