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Plot Diagram In Class Project

The Rights To The Streets Of Memphis

Saleem Church

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Plot Diagram In Class Project

Plot Diagram In Class Project By: Saleem Church
Oct 15,2012 Richard get's hungry
and complains
that he wants
something to eat. Falling Action Rising Action so Richards mother
gets a job as a chef and
then gives
him money
to shop for food so then Richard goes to
the store and spots a
gang of boys they see
him and
then they attack him. Richard runs back home
after the fact that the
gang of boys snatched his
money out of his hand Richard tells his mother what
happened and then she says
nothing and sends him back
to the store with the
same more money Richard then sees the boys
again and runs back home
when they spotted him
so his mother gave him
more money and
this time a stick to Richards
mother told him that
he couldn't come back
without the food and that
he had to stand up for
himself and sent him back out EXPOSITION Resolution Richard goes back to the store after his mother has told him and then he is spotted by the same gang of boys and defends himself by hitting them with the stick his mother gave him that day Richard felt good and he had the rights on the streets of Memphis the climax of the story was when Richard couldn't defend himself from a gang of boys and then his mother gives him a stick so he can stand up for himself and when he did he had the rights on the streets of Memphis
Climax Richard is the main character and the gang of boys would be the conflict of what Richard struggles against through out the story on the streets of Memphis
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