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Dust Bowl

No description

Chance Goff

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Dust Bowl

the dust bowl 1932-1935 the storms 1932- There were 14 storms counted
1933- 38 Storms were recored
1934- More then 100 million acres of topsoil were seen blowing across the plains.
1935- There had been almost three weeks of constant storms then it finally cleared and the winds clocked around 60mps the first hand account Taken by Herman Goertzen
" It was like a black wall that
went and covered every thing
in its path. It was almost like
shutting the barn door almost
total darkness instantly." Some of the causes People were expecting the weather to be the
same as the 1930s, and so they cleared alot of
the natral grasses and trees to make room for farm

Also many people lost alot of money from over
produceing crops froceing them to lose their farms
from forcloser. Which made the frams unatended
had nothing to hold down the light and loose
topsoil. the american dream. I think that the modern american dream is being able to be come very rich and sucessfull and to live a long and happy life. footage of the dust bowl
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