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No description

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of forgiveness8

S Character Traits Forgiveness frees us, costs nothing,
and is the trademark of a noble soul. Never forget the 3 powerful resources you always have available to you:
1. love
2. prayer
3. forgiveness THE 4 R'S OF FORGIVENESS

Forgiveness isn't easy and may need to be given in stages.
It can't always be rushed. Forgiveness means pardoning injuries or offenses.
I practice forgiveness when I accept or overlook the mistakes or faults of others.
Its opposite is resentment. SPOTLIGHT ON... We all make mistakes...it's part of our human makeup. Forgiving someone doesn't make you weak. It makes you strong because you understand that everyone makes mistakes. When we clear the air, we:

reset our hearts and minds to a gentler, kinder rhythm.
empty our hearts and minds of negative thoughts.
open up space in our hearts and minds for more positive emotions. OUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS ARE A REFLECTION OF OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

WE ASK GOD TO FORGIVE US; SO WE SHOULD DO THE SAME...WE SHOULD FORGIVE OTHERS TOO:-) How you conclude one interaction affects how you respond to the next...
You carry the same energy to the next person you encounter.
So set in motion a wave of good feelings. 1. RECOGNITION:
Recognize your own clear, unexcused part in the situation. 2. REGRET:begins with an internal assessment of our own attitude toward our behavior, and prompts action. 3. RESOLVE:
Determine to make things right. 4. REPAIR the relationship to restore harmony.
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