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Constitutional Convention

No description

Mr. Dellorco

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention
Why was representation in government a key issue debated by the Framers at the Constitutional Convention?
Why would the Framers of the Constitution approve the following rule at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 if a goal of the Convention was to produce a Constitution for the United States that would reflect a representative democracy?
Rule of Secrecy:
"That nothing spoken in the house be printed, or otherwise published or communicated without leave."
How do political leaders solve political problems?

How does the idea of compromise change the government?

Representation (Big State v. Little State)
Slavery (Free State v. Slavery State)
New Jersey Plan
Keep most of the Articles of Confederation

1. Unicameral Legislature (1 House)

2. Equal Representation from the States
(One vote per state)

A. Weak Executive made up of more than 1 person, elected by the legislature.

B. Judicial Branch - limited power, elected by the Executive Branch.
Virginia Plan
1. Bicameral Legislature (2 Houses) Representation Based on Population

2. Strong Executive (President) (1 person) chosen by the Legislature.

A. Judicial Branch elected by the Legislature.
Connecticut Compromise
1. Settle the issue of small state/large state representation.

2. Bicameral Legislature (2 Houses)

-House of Representatives - Population

-Senate - Equal (2)

1. Only 1 Executive (President) Elected by the people
Three-Fifths Compromise
*Issue on Southern population and the # of representatives in the House.

Compromise was to allow 3/5 of the enslaved population to be counted towards the # of Rep's in the House.

60% = 6 out of 10 counted
Instruction Manual for Running our country

Preamble - Introduction
6 Articles - Chapters
27 Amendments - Changes

Did the Constitutional Convention effectively settle the issues of representation and slavery?
Homework in iTunes u
Directions: Answer each of the following in complete sentences.

1. How would you summarize the feelings of the various states regarding their feelings toward the Virginia and New Jersey Plans?

2. How would you describe the states' feelings about slavery? Were the states divided? Why?

3. At the Constitutional Convention, how did the slave compromises attempt to settle the different opinions regarding slavery?

4. How did the states feel about representation in Congress? Was there a noticeable difference on this issue between northern and southern states? Large and small states?

5. At the Constitutional Convention, how did the Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise) settle differences between the states who favored the Virginia Plan and those that favored the New Jersey Plan?
U.S. Constitution
How was the rule of secrecy a beginning step toward representative democracy?
Five reasons why the Articles of Confederation must be radically altered.
“It does not provide against foreign attacks.”
“It does not secure Harmony to the States.”
“It is incapable of producing certain blessings to the States.”
“It cannot defend itself against encroachments.”
“It is not superior to State constitutions.”
iTunes U Discussion
Open the guided notes in iTunes U
Why did the U.S. need a new government?
How did the Constitutional Convention evolve?
How did the delegates to the Convention resolve their differences of opinion through compromise?
Marge Piercy
Never doubt that you can change history. You already have.

The Articles of Confederation should be amended.
Congress gained authority to raise funds using tariffs
Regulate interstate commerce and commerce with other nations.
Congress has the authority to collect taxes
Congress elects a federal executive,
The Articles of Confederation and treaties are the supreme law of the land.
The federal executive is authorized to use force to compel non-compliant states to observe the law.
A policy of admission of new states should be established.
A singular policy for naturalization should be established.
A citizen of one state can be prosecuted under the laws of another state in which the crime was committed.

New Jersey Plan Details
The plan proposed the following:
B. Favors big states

C. Two house based on Population
One House based on equal votes
C. Favors small states
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