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John Christopher Miras

on 21 September 2012

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Miras, John Christopher
Cardenas , John
Pisawis, Chiesa
Flores,Gilbert CAR RESERVATION SYSTEM Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) The Car Rental and Reservation Management System is a window-based program that allows users to reserve and/or rent cars through the computer

This is specifically designed for Mia’s Car Rental Company located in Las Pinas City, Philippines. Overview Login Screen
Login admin screen
Registration screen
Customer page screen
Admin Page screen
View/delete screen
Add/edit screen User Interfaces Reliability





Performance Software System Attribute Software Design Specification (SDS) The CRRS program is a Car Reservation and Rental System which allows customers to reserve and rent their desired car on-line. The customer has to access their account or create a new account (if there is a non-existing account) to be able to reserve a car.
Design Overview DFD ER Diagram This system gives the ability to the company to keep track of the information on all the cars that are available in the branch’s stock.
It will record the cars ages and update their condition and rent life. The system will show the car’s. The system will provide information about the rate of rent for a car for different periods of time.
Product Features (Car Info. System) This system gives the ability to the company to keep track of the information on the customers in order to classify their association with the company.
Product Features (User Info. System) User Interface design Software Test Documentation(STD) Car Rental and Reservation Management is window based software that is used as tool car rental transactions.
System Overview Features to be Tested
Buttons will be tested and checked if all are working properly. Different functions will also be tested to determine if its working properly. Navigation will be tested whenever the user is changing its working state.
Test Plan Testing Tools and Environment
In order to test the features of the Car Rental and Reservation Management, the following tools and environment are needed to fully evaluate the capability and functionality of the software.
These tools are needed in testing
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
The objective of the system testing is to observe the performance of the system. Furthermore, this test will also test the functionality of the system such as the login, reservation and how it will update the database.
Test Cases Inputs
The inputs will be based from the data in the database. Items are provided in the database and only the Administrator can edit the database.
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