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Machine Translation

CIS 342

Casey Cleary

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Machine Translation

Machine Translation Google Translate and
other machine translators Team Pinkle:
Casey Cleary &
Tiffany Knapp VIDEO!! History Around for 50 years
Systran = Cold War
Candide = French-English How does it work?? Rule-based approach
Few words at a time Bayesian Rule
How likely the combination of words is right OCR: Optical Character Recognition is
a method that is used to translate a picture into text Google Translate Hybrid of machine and human translation
Uses a large database that information is continually added to Google Translator Toolkit Incorporates human knowledge
into the database to refine translations Google Goggles
Uses OCR
Changes text from a picture into machine text, and then uses Google Translate to translate and return the updated text. Systran Natural Approach
Linguists assist in programming process
Human-like translations Limitations Context: can cause mistranslations
Understanding - machines cannot fully understand WHAT DO WE THINK? Questions!
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