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Tom Sawyer, Loved Or Hated?

No description

Aidan Roberts

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Tom Sawyer, Loved Or Hated?

Yes! Honesty Tom shows his honesty when he explains to the teacher why he was late. "I stopped to talk with Huckleberry Finn." Tom admits.Even though he is flogged for this, the reader understands that Tom was trying to do the right thing by telling the truth. Tom Sawyer:
Loved or Hated? Tom Sawyer
By Mark Twain Prezi by Aidan Roberts Tom sawyer is a likeable character for his amazing nobility. This is shown when Tom lies about ripping the teachers book to save Becky from her beating. Tom shows his bravery when he saves Muff Potter from being found guilty in court Becky says, "Tom, how COULD you be so noble!" to show her gratitude to Tom so the reader can understand how thankful she is. After he saves Muff, the author quotes Tom as "The pet of the old, the envy of the young."The author is telling the reader that Tom was the once again the talk of the town. This time, for his brave confession about how Injun Joe was actually the murderer of Dr. Robinson,not Muff Potter. Bravery Nobility Leadership Tom shows his leadership when he leads Becky Thatcher out of the cave after they get lost. The author writes "Tom described how he labored and convinced Backy until she cried out with joy seeing the blue speck of daylight in the cave." The author is trying to teach the reader how responsible Tom was in Becky's distress. At the beginning of the story the reader might think that Tom is an immature child who doesn't have any respect, but as the story progresses, Tom changes into a better person which is shown by his clever actions. This reflects how he has changed into a more respectable and likeable character. Conclusion
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