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Short Story Project

Summary of The Chaser

Amina Zenni

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Short Story Project

Project done by: Amina Zenni, Tara Mick, Ben Greenwell, Zach Lorenz Short Story Project THE END! main characters Alan Austen
The old man Time Dark,
"the dark and creepy stairs" Place Pell Street
dime landing
tiny room
contained; no furniture but a kitchen table, a rocking chair, and a regular chair Alan and the old man meet and discuss the bottles. Old man tells Alan the effects of the love potion. The old man shows Alan the "Life Cleaning" potion. (foreshadowing) The old man shows Alan the love potion. The old man tells Alan that the customers come back later when they want more expensive things. Alan ends up buying the potion and we don't know if he comes back for another one. Literary Devices Point of View: Third person omniscient
Setting: A tiny room, which contained no furniture but a plain kitchen table, a rocking chair, an ordinary chair, and shelves full of bottles.
Mood: Ominous
Protagonist: Alan Austen
Antagonist: The old man
Conflict: The conflict is between Alan and himself, (man vs. self). This is because Alan wants Diana to love him, but to do so he thinks he has to buy a potion that will make her love him. The problem is that the potion will not only make her love him, but she'll be totally involved in everything in his life. He will be her obsession.
Theme: The theme of "The Chaser" is that love must be won, not purchased.
Example of Imagery: "He pushed open this door, as he had been told to do, and found himself in a tiny room, which contained no furniture but a plain kitchen table, a rocking chair, and an ordinary chair. On one of the dirty buff-colored walls were a couple of shelves, containing in all perhaps a dozen bottles and jars. An old man sat in the rocking chair, reading a newspaper."
Example of Figurative Language: "Alan Austen, as nervous as a kitten...."
Irony: The irony we found in the story was dramatic. We know from what the man says about how Diana will be after the potion, that Alan will soon get tired of her. This is why the man makes the "love potion" only a dollar, and the "life-cleaner potion" five thousand dollars. He knows they will have to come back and invest in the other potion because the effects of the "love potion" will be too much to handle. Book: The Chaser; By John Collier
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