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Temperate Ocean

No description

Karrie P

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Temperate Ocean

the animal that i did is a cuddle fish. The reason that the cuddle fish belong in the temperate ocean is because they eat other water animals.Like fish crabs and more animals.
Temperate Ocean
The temperate ocean covers over 3 quarters of the earth surface. Oceans are very large bodies of water. Many plants and animals live in the Temperate ocean.
The location of Temperate Ocean.
The temperate ocean locations are in a lot of places and the picture under shows all of the places the temperat e ocaen is in many many places come contenents are covered by the temperate ocean.
Precipitation of the temperate ocean
The precipitation of the temperate ocean
is what falls from like snow and rain.
There is a picture on the side that
shows what falls from the sky rain falls
from the sky.
The temperate ocean has lots of seaweed and other cool plants.The seaweed can grow up to 50
feet tall. There is lots and lots of it.
There are lots of animals and plants there are land lots of animals and plants they all live in the ocean where the temperate ocean is the plants can grow tall and the animals can grow long.

i am coral and i am an animal and some people think that
i am a plant and i can be tall and i can be small and tall
coral when it is born stays in one spot an ddoes not move coral belongs in my biome because it is a water animal that ned
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