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Geolocation Marketing

No description

Kirsten Geisler

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Geolocation Marketing

Geolocation: By:
Denise Chin
Luc Fournier
Kirsten Geisler
Nancy Van De Bogart What is geolocation?

What is geolocation marketing?

Case Study – AJ Bombers

Advantages and disadvantages

Putting geolocation marketing to use What's Ahead... How to market for your
not-for-profit The practice of associating a digital resource with a physical location.

Location is determined by latitude and longitude coordinates that pinpoint
any place on the planet through a Global Positioning System (GPS) device Geolocation... Arrive at your destination

Click on Foursquare “places”

Identify your correct location from populated list

Earn points for frequent check-ins and adding new venues to the list

Learn more about the location from other users

Earn badges based on activity What to do: What not to do:
Geolocation Marketing What Is? Geolocation marketing is the process of planning and implementing
marketing activities through the collection of geographical
information specific to a user. Case Study:

AJ BOMBERS Linking Foursquare integrates with both
Twitter and Facebook platforms

Add friends from Gmail,
Twitter and Facebook Advantages Disadvantages Actively engages the user with the organization

Offers a unique way of staying connected with clients

Opportunity for users to explore their own city and others

Can provide useful tips on organizations and businesses Personal safety and security issues

Potential to become time - consuming

PR tactic vs. strategy Examples How to make it work for you Geolocation How to make it work for your
organization Starbucks One of the first national brands to recognize the potential in Foursquare

Started in March 2010 when coffee drinkers could earn a “barista badge” by checking into five separate Starbucks locations

May 2010 – Starbucks implemented a month-long “mayor” offer for each location

Mayor of any Starbucks location entitled to $1 off any Frappucino, one time for the month of June Pepsi Jimmy Choo Teamed up with Foursquare to create a treasure hunt around London (called Catch-a-Choo)

Jimmy Choo fans checked in at locations around London

Potential was to win a pair of Jimmy Choo cross trainers in the size and style of their choice Real life
applications Your Turn Questions ? Check in from public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, parks, libraries, airports, etc. Check in from home (i.e. giving your home address)

Create non-shareable check-in location such as “my couch”

Check in from your place of work what is it? Partnered with Foursquare to provide proximity-based offers for people who check into certain locations

For instance, when users check in somewhere, they are alerted to Pepsi offers in their area Stickers Badges &
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