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Global Studies Project

Canada, Atlanta, And the Bahamas

lamira jeffreys

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Global Studies Project

By: Lamira Jeffreys, Tamia Johnson, Qwaunna J. Thurman, Ti-Jae Woods, Brandon Navarro, & Jordan Navarro
Our Journey............
Our Path Through
All excursions relate to each other. The Atlanta Excursion was mostly facts about segregation and the Canada excursion was mostly about fighting for freedom while in slavery. and the Bahamas we learned about the transatlantic slave trade.
We visited the Josiah Henson church.
Traveling The Underground Rail road
Churches visited
The Promised Land/ Canaan

The Purpose of our trip! (Why)
The purpose of our trip is to get a better understanding of the underground railroad, and the journey and sacrifices freedom seekers made.
Museums visited

Political Parties
There are three political parties in the Bahamas.

There is the Democratic National Alliance,
The Progressive Liberal Party and The Free National Movement.

As of now, Prime Minister Perry Christie and The Progressive Liberal Party are currently leading the Bahamas.

Next On Our Escapade we made it to the civil Rights movement, and i'm about to show you the interesting places we had encountered while in Memphis,Tennessee.
One of the places the scholars had visited while on this excursion was Ebenezer Baptist Church which is located in Atlanta, Georgia and was founded in 1886. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was baptized as a child in this church and soon later became a minister at the age of 19. later on He became a co-pastor until his death in 1968.
Our first stop is Ebenezer Baptist church...........
Next Up we have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King Tombstone............
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lived through the years of 1929-1965 and His wife Coretta Scott King lived through the years of 1927-2006.While in Memphis, Tennessee we had visited Their tombstones and talked about all the wonderful things he sacrificed for us and how we wouldn't be how we are today if it wasn't for the things he did.
Lorraine Motel
Lorraine Motel Was the motel where Dr. martin Luther King Jr. has been assassinated at. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968.
Fun facts
Over 700 islands. This labels the bahamas as an Archipelago.
Grand Bahamas - it is so shallow there that you can walk 1 mile into the ocean without drowning.
There are unique plants in the Bahamas.
For example, There are trees that are fire resistant. If they are not set on fire for a prolonged time, they set themselves on fire using their sap.
How did all three Excursions Change us Personally?
Dr. Martin Luther King Motel Room was on the second floor in room 306.
This was the view from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Motel Room
The second window on the second floor was the window where James Earl Ray had assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
This is the inside of Dr. martin Luther King Motel Room.
Quilting To Freedom
This was the Lorraine Motel sign that you will see once you drive/walk through the Main Entrance of the motel.
The Bears paw
The North Star

Log Cabin

The drunkards path

The Bow Tie

lastly we have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birth house............
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in this house at 501 Auburn Avenue on Tuesday, January 15th, 1929 in the upstairs middle room and was the second child to be born into the king family.
This is the front view of the house that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were born in. Dr.King was not the only child, he had two other siblings. His older sister name is Christine King, which is now Christine King Farris. and he has a younger brother who goes by the name of Reverend Alfred Daniel Williams King.
This is the back view of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. house.
The north star is the guiding light that led
slaves to Canada and freedom.
The National bird is the Flamingo, They breed while gathered in groups. Once the mating is complete, a pair takes turns incubating their single egg. Young flamingos are born gray and white and do not turn pink for at least two years.
Now here comes the fun part!!!!
Even thought all three excursions were educational trip all of us still had alot of fun and don't regret it not one bit. We had an awesome experience would totally do it again if we had the chance too.
The bears paw quilt was the third quilt used to help
slaves on their journey to north . Runaways were to follow the
actual trail of bear foot prints
Day 1
The day before the Bahamas excursion it was so exhausting because alot of people still wasn't done everything and alot of people did stuff at last minute.
All scholars had to be at GLA at 4:30 and i didn't go to sleep till around 3:30 so I only had a half an hour of sleep because i was so nervous i was going to oversleep and miss the plane. But mostly everybody was comfortable in their sweatpants and hoodies. Some of the girls even had their hair still rapped up.
Two buses were suppose to pick us up(one for the luggage and one for the scholars) but something had happen and all of us had to try and fit on one bus with the luggage and the people. It was just so much confusion and we all had to try to fit on that bus. Some people that couldnt fit on the bus had to get inside the van.
Day 5
The day Started off hectic we woke up at 5:00, we rushed to get to the airport. Unfortunately, the plane left and some people didn't get on. I was one of the people who didn't get on. I was mad at first because I missed my plane and I didn't feel like waiting in the room for 3 hours. In the end we got home and everything was fine.

All of us finally arrived to the airport and went through the whole check in process. We boarded the plane and settled in our seats. When the plane took of i put my earphones in and zoned out.
Day 2
Even though the group was so tired we had to get up around 7:00 am and had got dressed. We usually have a different uniform for each day so that day we had to wear the hot pink GLA polo shirt with our khakis.
Everybody is required to meet up at Harambee in the kaleidoscope room and after harambee we had breakfast on the Lido deck.
After breakfast all of us had to meet up and huddle outside the ship so we can make our way for our tour to freeport.
Next we had our island tour and that took place for about 2 hours
Island Tour
Finally it was time for dinner and everybody had to dress up in a Elegant Dinner Attire. All gentlemen had to wear suits and ties or dress pants and dress shirts and ladies had to wear either dresses or skirts. No sneakers were allowed!
Night Of elegance
Some people had hung out on the Lido deck after dinner just to relax and talk with their friends and after that the scholars and everybody had to go inside their rooms and get ready for the next day.
While on the tour the Bahamas had similar stores that we do in the United States.
The 8th grade classes traveled to the Bahamas for an class excursion. The Bahamas is a beautiful place that is the home of magnificent birds, plants, and even fire-resistant trees. The Bahamas in an archipelago with 700 islands and 39 of them are inhabited. The Bahamas in the original home of the Lucayans.
GLA traveled by the “Sensation” cruise ship. The sensation ship took us to wherever we had to go to indulge in learning and group activities!
The "Sensation" Cruise Ship
It was a very fine ship. It had a lot of rooms, it was a huge ship and it contained a lot of activities. It had food lounges, an arcade, a pool, etc.
The food on the ship was amazing! There was a big selection to choose from full of a variety of foods and types of foods. During the trip we had seafood like crabs and shrimp, but we also had food like we would have on a regular basis at GLA, chicken, beef.
Freeport or Grand Bahama is the 4th Largest Island out of
the total 700 islands. Freeport is a much separated island;
homes are very far away from each other. In Freeport, people
there have beautiful homes depending on their job. Also, Freeport
has a unique type of tree. They have fire-resistant trees.
Nassau is the commonwealth capital of the Bahamas.
This city by far is sufficient with their needs and don’t need that much help. The Prime Minister lives here and there is also a 0% crime rate.
The Way Back
We made our way back by the cruise ship and then by plane again to get to Philadelphia.
That was Group Integrity's project by Jordan Navarro, Brandon Navarro, Tamia Johnson, Tijae Woods, Lamira Jeffreys & Qwanna Thurman!
Day 3
Day 4
Purpose of this trip
The purpose of the global excursion to the Bahamas is to take scholars through a cultural and academic experience from the inside out. scholars have the opportunity to explore issues to our past .
How my day went ?
- Jordan
- Lamira
This quilt means , for the enslaves to stagger their steps to confuse the dogs.
The log cabin is a shelter for the enslaves. different colors have different meanings.
The Bow tie quilt is to let
the slaves know , that they
are able access clothes to blend in
with society.
The eternal flames
First klu klux klan outfit

On day 4 was the day of our performance we got to stay on the ship for a "fun day", But it wasn't that fun for everyone who had to perform we had non stop practice. Then by the time we got done it was time to perform. That day the ship was extra rocky. The performance went great we had a nice sized crowd. The only thing was that the stage was small. We also had karaoke everyone was singing it was a mess. we also had our the rememberance part of the journey when we connected with our ancestor's.
Bahamian Flag
Flag Meanings

Black - The black triangle stands for unity of the Bahamian nation

Blue- The aqua blue stripes symbolize the ocean waters that surrounds it

Yellow- The sandy beaches of the 700 Bahamian islands
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