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Love Lucas

No description

Holley Brooks

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Love Lucas

Love, Lucas Project
By: Holley Brooks

- The title of my book is Love, Lucas
-The author is Chantele Sedgwick
-The genre of my book is fiction

Author Facts
-A wife and a mother of 4
-Calls all of her stories "Fairy Tales"
-She loves collecting books
The theme of the book is trust. After her brother died she hasn't trusted anyone. When a surfer named Carson comes into her life, she's blindsided. As she lets him in, she is surprised by how much she cares for him, and that’s when things get complicated. How can she fall in love and be happy when Lucas never got the chance to do those very same things?
Text-to-text Connection
Important Quote
"My flip-flops are covered in sand so I slip them off. I smile at the sand between my toes. Again I feel safe. Free. Ready for a new beginning."
(Pg. 9)

This is signifacant to the plot because, when shes says this, it shows that she is starting to feel free and away from the grasp of grief.
Image of the Main Character
She is in Hunington Beach, California just a couple months after her brother died.
Figurative Language
She comares the beach to
heaven because, she hasn't ever been to a actual beach before.
A symbol
A symbol in the book is the journal that Lucas gave to Oakley's mom before he died. She is supposed to read an entry everyday. It is important to the story because, the story is mostly about the pages she reads out of the journal.
Important Quote
"I know i'm supposed to feel something. Anything. Releif that Lucas is out of pain. Anger that he was taken so early from us. Sadness that i'll never hear his laugh or see his smilig face again. Instead I feel only hollow emptiness inside my chest. He took a part of me with him. I can already feel the hole he left behind, waiting for something to fill it. But I know that no one can ever take the place of my best friend."

This is significant to the plot because, the story itself is depressing. This is one of the most depressing and heart wrenching parts of the whole story because some can only image what shes going through.
I can relate to this book because when my grandpa died, I was lost for a really long time. I didn't think that I would ever be the same. But I realized that people come and go in your life, but that doesn't mean you have to forget their memory. You just have to move on.
Favorite Part of the book
"Iv'e decided to do something for you. If your reading this, i'm already gone. I knew you'd have a hard time with me dying. Probably more than anyone. Don't lie and say your fine, I know you better than that. The reason i'm writing this notebook is so you can have a piece of me with you."
This is my favorite part of the book because, I can relate to it so well. My papa died and left me things to remember him by. He died of cancer just like the boy in this book.
Favorite Quote
" I know your grieving. I know it's hard. But please don't give up on life. Don't shut down life you always do when something goes wrong. Get out and do something! Don't shut down. Live your life knowing you can get out and do things that you want to do! I wish I could. Love, Lucas"

This is significant to the plot because, the story is a very sad story. You have to learn to get back up and move on from the losses. Be thankful for the gains. Don't keep living in the past. Live in the present.
I can't make a text-to-text connection to this story because, its such a deep story. I haven't found a book that is anything like this one.
New Vocabulary
I didn't run into any new vobabulary. Most of the words are understandable and if did find any, I would've already looked it up.
Image of setting
Climax of the Plot
The climax happened when she recieved the notebook Lucas had written. She then, read an entry everyday like her brother told her to do. She soon began to love and trust again with a little help from the local surfer boy Carson.
(Chapter 3: Pg. 10)
Something important to the main character
This is important to the main character because, this is her stress reliever.
The conflict is when she starts to fall in love with Carson. She doesn't feel like she deserves him because Lucas didn't get to love before he died.
(Man vs. Self)
What I would change about the book.
I would like to here more from the father in this book. He only talks 3 times. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything.
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