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My Submarine Project

No description

keeyon williams

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of My Submarine Project

Problem Statement
This projects problem statement was how can you make an bottle submarine that sinks float sinks or floats sinks floats.
Buoyancy is the ability to float in water. Buoyancy can be changed by changing an objects mass witch increases its density. If you can get an object higher than the density of 1.0(density of fresh water) it will have negative buoyancy

Image by Tom Mooring
My Submarine Project
what I Learned
I learned that engineering is not always easy. One flaw can mess up all you data. Engineering takes time and patience.
My Hypothesis
My hypothesis was if you can change the density of the submarine then it can sink float sink or float sink float.
1st. my first trial didn't work at all my sub sunk but it didnt sink fast enough.
2nd. i added more weight to my sub an it sunk faster. Also I found a way for my sub to fault back up.
3rd. my last trial was a sucsseaa my sub floated,sunk, and flaoted in under 5 minutes.
my hypothesis was if I can change the mass of my sub then it could float sink float. My hypothesis was correct. Next time when i do this project i want to try some new for my sub. i would like to use co2 make it float again. something that could have changed my outcome is taking my time because i had to make to subs an this made me have many errors and no calculations.

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