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Daniella Goldstein

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Foreshadowing

What is Foreshadowing?
Foreshadowing is a literary element used by authors to give the reader hints about events that may later occur in the story.
Why do authors use Foreshadowing?
You may be wondering, why the heck do we need foreshadowing?! Although it seems like just another annoying, unnecessary thing to learn, it serves purpose. Foreshadowing is used to create suspense in the story and let the reader know helpful information about something that will occur in the future of the text.
Daniella Goldstein
This picture is one example of foreshadowing. It shows foreshadowing because as of now, it shows the little girl as an innocent child and the"punk" is assumed to be trouble. The shadows in the picture show that in the future, the little girl is actually the one who is trouble, when the "punk" is the one who means well.
Another example of foreshadowing is used in the following text from the book "Hatchet"
"He was alone. In the roaring plane with no pilot. He was alone." (page 12)
This foreshadows the following events in the book when Brian crashes the plane.
This clip from Disney's movie "The Lion King" shows a hidden foreshadowing to the events that occur later in the movie between Simba and his father.
What is foreshadowing?
A.a literary element used to compare two things
B. a literary element used to give the reader hints about something that may occur in the story
C. a literary element that uses an earlier event in the chronological order of the story
What is an example of foreshadowing?
What foreshadowing is NOT:
Foreshadowing is not the same as flashback. Flashback restates events that have already happened in the past, and adds them to the chronological order of the story. Flashback gives information as to what may happen in the future of the story.
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