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Using Prezi in the Classroom

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Tanya Kroocmo

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Using Prezi in the Classroom

Using Prezi in the Classroom
Add an arrow pointing to a key detail in an image.

Clicking on the arrow during "Show" will zoom in
until the arrow fills the screen - a quick and easy way to focus on key details in a diagram (e.g. a political cartoon, a diagram of the human body, a map, a work of art).
Create overlapping circles using the "Frame" command.

Use these to create a Venn Diagram containing images and text investigating a key question (e.g. "Was Life Good or Bad in the Middle Ages?")

Images can be dragged (in editing mode) into the correct spot by students during discussion.
Embed a YouTube video by pasting the URL of the video into an empty text box.
Prezi is a great way to get students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic.
Once students have been taught the basic fundamentals of Prezi, they can easily create timelines, Venn diagrams, interesting biographies, advertisements, and other imaginative presentations.
Student Presentations
Build up a Prezi over the duration of a topic.

Start with a topic heading.

Surround the frame with topic strands.

Within each topic strand add smaller frames with facts, links, pictures and media as you tackle each strand.

Students can access the Prezi from any computer with internet access, making studying for a test easy and "excuse-less"!
Unit Review
Type in the word to be defined and zoom in on the definition... good for introducing and studying vocabulary. Add images to the words and zoom into them, too.
Gradually reveal the wider context of a photograph by first zooming in on a small detail and then gradually zooming out.

This is a good starter activity as it gets students to ask questions.
Generating Discussion and Critical Thinking with Pictures
Venn Diagrams
Students can create interesting and visually appealing autobiographies in minutes.
Teachers can create their own autobiographies to show their students at the beginning of the school year (kids always want to know more about their teachers!).
Zoom into Details of a Picture
A Summary of the Ways to use Prezi in the Classroom
Create biographies / autobiographies
Zoom into picture details
Link to YouTube videos
Unit / lesson review
Generate discussion with cropped pictures
Student-generated presentations
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