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Capitalism and its significance in "Animal Farm"

Taylor Carlton

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Capitalism

Double click anywhere & add an idea Cap-i-tal-ism
Economic system catergorized by the private and cooperate ownership of capital goods, private investment and administration of products in a competive free market.
Orgins When bankers, merchants, and industrialists (bourgeoisie) began to capture more of the weathy land owner's political power. Adam Smith, author of "Wealth of Nations" had free market theories that were widely adopted in the 19th century. It was also the opposing theory to mercantilsm. Stresses the freedom of indiviual economic enterprise, but government intervention is prevalent to prevent abuses of the system, such as apartheid and slavery. CAPITALISM No specific political or social organization. Usedin doemocratic socialist states and dictatorship
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