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John Espinosa, Nathan Gustafson, Zachary Engel

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lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of John Espinosa, Nathan Gustafson, Zachary Engel

John Espinosa, Zachary Engel, Nathan Gustafson
Medal of Honor
Victor H. Espinoza
Kenneth d. Bailey
How It Was Earned
On August 1, 1952 Corporal Espinoza and his unit were tasked with taking and securing a vital enemy position. Their progress was slowed by heavy enemy fire which pinned down Corporal Espinoza and his entire division. The corporal left his safe position and single handily attacked the enemy using a sub machine gun and grenades. He took out bunkers and mortars causing at least 25 casualties.He didn't receive his award until this year on March 18.
Sammy L. Davis
How they were similar
Sammy Davis
Victor H. Espinoza
Kenneth D. Bailey
All of the recipients showed honor, Sacrifice, patriotism, and Valor. All of these men, acted so brave in the face of danger. Put their comrades before themselves. They sacrificed their body's and minds to save the life's of their fellow soldiers.
Sammy L. Davis showed honor. even though he was a private, in battle Sammy showed honor above the call of duty. receiving the Medal of Honor. which is better then any officer rank.
By- John Espinosa
by- Nathan Gustafson
by- Zachary Engel
Victor Espinoza showed great honor when he attacked the enemy who had pinned down his fellow soldiers at "Old Baldy."
He showed sacrifice when he left his safe position to attack the enemy and defend his comrades fully knowing that he might not survive.
He showed honor when he attacked attacked the base for his country and his comrades. He remained loyal to his country even if he could have died.
Kenneth D. Bailey showed honor by leading his men in hand to hand combat for 10 hours again relentless waves of enemy assaults even after suffering a head injury.
After suffering head damage during his valiant acts Kenneth D. Bailey later died from the head damage due to insufficient treatment
Before leading his men for 10 hours he valiantly fought off his enemy's for 45 minutes single handily
Kenneth D. Bailey held the front line for his country until the rest of his men arrived to reinforce him and the line.
He Earned it By
On September 12Th-13Th 1942 major Kenneth D. Bailey held the front line for 45 minutes until his men arrived to reinforce him after they arrived he suffered a head injury but continued to lead his men for 10 hours, but he died shortly died after because of his head injury but he was later awarded with the medal of honor for his valiant acts
Victor Espinoza showed valor when he went and took out the mortars and bunkers, which saved countless lives. the lives of his friends and of innocents.
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