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Heat; By: Mike Lupica

No description

Kaleb G.

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Heat; By: Mike Lupica

In Heat, Mike Lupica constantly uses the blue of the New York Yankees to symbolize calmness, which Michael uses to get through his tough life. Mike Lupica also uses El Grande - the Yankees best pitcher - to symbolize Michael's hero.
Heat; By: Mike Lupica
The theme of Heat is to never give up, even when times seem tough.
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Characters and their traits
Michael: Athletic, calm, friendly, and talented.
Justin: short tempered, unfriendly, and a "jerk".
Manny: friendly, funny, athletic, and charismatic.
Carlos: stressful, hard worker, and cautious.
Plot and Important Events
Michael Arroyo is a 12 year old little league player with an arm like a major league player. He dreams of one day going to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the little league championship. He lives alone in New York with his 17 year old brother, Carlos, who tries to juggle two jobs to keep food on the table while their father is away in Florida taking care of their sick uncle. Although, they have a big secret. Their father, who is said to be taking care of their uncle, is actually their late father. They keep this secret from everybody else to keep from being split up and put in group homes, but that's not all of their problems. Michael prevents a crime from happening and gets involved with official people, who start to get suspicions about their father, but that's still not all. Some little league coaches think Michael looks too old for his age, and since Michael has no birth certificate to prove his age, he can't play little league baseball until he can find his birth certificate. Can Carlos and Michael find Michael's birth certificate? Can they hide their secret until Carlos turns 18? Find out in Mike Lupica's Heat.
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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