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No description

Sandra Upson

on 26 November 2011

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Transcript of FOOD GROUP

Lacked comparative advantages Distinct history Small business environment Strong sense of community Justification Nurture a slow-food philosophy within Barriere Our Goals: 1. 3. Opportunities and Issues Create a local non-profit group to promote a network of local agriculture and small businesses Develop a regional brand by building on successful events such as the Fall Fair & Farmer's Market as a way to promote and add value to regional goods and products Case Study: Cittaslow Ludlow, UK
Case Study: Missouri Elizabeth Barham at the University of Columbia-Missouri Vision Case Study:
Hardwick, Vermont The Center for an Agricultural Economy Formation of a Regional Brand Focused community around Cittaslow Philosophies University of Vermont Building a Community 3 E's Environment: Economy: Equity: Culture + Community: Creation of a larger organization,
the Missouri Regional Cuisines project Environmental Protection Pilot Project: The Mississippi River Hills Association To make agriculture a promiment sector in Barriere. The development of an agriculturally
based sustainable economy 2. Erik Nelson Sandra Upson Kailey Colonna To create opportunities for the growth of Barriere : Edible Enterprises Matt Griffiths Sam Bogetti Keys for Barriere Increase Community participation Create linkages Focus development around a central theme Proximity to Kamloops Quality Soils and Climate Fall Fair Possible partnership with Simpcw Opportunities Room to grow Issues Limited supply of labour Lack of identity Political and Cultural Climate Lack of Infrastructure Culture and History The perception of the area as a brief stopover for highway travellers Keys for Barriere Change mindset of local population Connect the already existing assets of the area Social and Economic Connections Kamloops Food Policy Council TRU Create a local non-profit group to promote a network of local agriculture and small businesses 1. Value Added 2. Nurture a slow-food philosophy
within Barriere Develop a regional brand by utilizing and enhancing events such as the fall fair, farmers market as a way to promote and add value to regional goods and products. 3. Unite clusters under one regional brand

Develop networks within the brand members

Ship out high quality goods

Missouri Case Study Hardwick, Vermont Measures of Success: Community Kitchen Unique Identity Sense of Community Educate Agri-Annex Develop Market Keys for Barriere Develop Social Capital Create Economies of Scale Slow Food Organic Economic Opportunity Income Equality Economic Growth and Efficiency Clusters Sense of place Culture reflected in economy
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