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The Giver Elements

No description

Wade Kiesow

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of The Giver Elements

Brenden Patch, Giovanni Jimenez, Wade Kiesow, Kyle Pantiga, and Waqar Ahmed The Main Characters Jonas -
1. On page 116, Jonas is shown as passionate when Jonas experiences the warm feeling of Christmas and love and he hopes that one day he will experience it for real.
2. On page 152, Jonas is sympathetic when he wants the giver to come with him to escape the community.
At the end of the book, Jonas shows independence when he cares for Gabe as he and the young infant escape.
3. On page 153, Jonas is careful, for example; “Jonas sneaked by slowly around the crewmen with Gabe.” Important Choices You must stand Connections 1. When Jonas received the memory of snow it reminded Wade of when he lived in Pennsylvania.
2. Having all the twelves to be assigned reminded us of when one of teachers would assign us a topic to write about or when we were assigned homework.
3. Jonas being selected reminded us of when Katniss Everdeen from the book, The Hunger Games, was selected to be a tribute.
4. When Jonas fled the community it reminded us of when two women fled district 8 to escape that society in secret in the book, Catching Fire.
5. The community reminds us of an isolated Amish community in which everyone takes part. By: The Giver
1. On page 152, the giver shows wisdom when he decides to stay in the community to help heal the people affected by the memories.

2. On page 65, the giver reveals that he had been lonely because he cannot share any of his knowledge with the community.

3. On page 112, The Giver reveals he is brave when he is caught by Jonas enduring a great deal of pain. Gabe
1. Gabe is an infant in the book but he is very calm as shown on page 152 because he doesn’t cry throughout the journey which prevented Jonas being caught.

2. Gabe is dependent which is shown widely throughout the book because he can not do much on his own such as staying peaceful without Jonas having to comfort him. Jonas's Father
1. On page 41 Jonas’s father is revealed as a considerate man when he takes in Gabe as an infant to try to give him a second chance at not being released.

2. However, on page 141 Jonas’s father is found to “release” an infant but actually is killing the infant by injecting a painless chemical into it. This action can be considered as the father being unknowing of what he had done because of kind gestured towards what he had done. 1. Jonas chooses to give Gabriel memories at night. Gabriel receives a better chance to live, however Jonas discovers that once he gives a memory to Gabriel he only has a wisp of it left. This choice is important because if Jonas had not given memories to Gabriel Gabriel’s release would have been decided on earlier.

2. Jonas asks to see the release his father preformed earlier in the day. This choice plays a key role in The Giver because if Jonas had not discovered how ugly release really was he might not have tried escape from the community or at least he would not have been able to save Gabriel.

3. Jonas decides to try to escape the community. Jonas is obviously the most important character in the book; his choices will always have a major impact on the plotline. That is why the impact of this choice is so massive, without it the entire ending of this book does not happen. Adding on to that, he leaves his “family” behind and puts his community through the hurt of painful memories.

4. The last of the most important choices is Jonas decides to take Gabriel with him on his epic journey of escape. Although the impact is not a big as Jonas’ choice to try and escape it still has an impact because it slightly changed Jonas’ escape plan. Character Evolution Characters in the novel have evolved dramatically throughout the course of the novel. The main character, Jonas, is a free pre-teen or so he thought. When the yearly assignments are handed out Jonas is selected for an opportunity that will make him very honorable. Jonas is the only one in years to be selected to be a receiver of memory. In his training, Jonas experiences cruel and unusual events that changes his view on the world he lives in. Soon Jonas finds things such as a childish game of war painful and dreadful based off of gory and, painful and sad memories in which he had received from his training. These memories started to alter Jonas's happy feelings towards others as those happy things were fused with grief, sadness, and pain. Soon, Jonas found out what his elders meant by release which ended his patience to be the next receiver. Jonas was no longer the way he was at the beginning of the novel, his mind was now clouded with the truth of what the elders had tried to conceal from the community for so long. Jonas soon devised a plan with his trainer to escape the community and to venture outside of the community. This change in the mind of Jonas is the main evolution of a character in the entire novel. up for what you believe in to find true happiness. Theme: Evidence:
Jonas leaves everything he has ever known behind to chase a dream of complete freedom to find true happiness in a society in which allows him to make his own choices.
Jonas breaks three key rules that would result in him being released all in the hopes of escaping a society in which choices are restricted.
Jonas created a detailed plan to prevent himself from being caught by the community.
Also a hint of symbolism was found with the boundaries of the community may refer to the limits that Jonas had tried to escape.
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