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XXL Magazines

No description

Elissa Appleby-Mason

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of XXL Magazines

Aims and Ethos
Demographic/Target audience
Analysis and Research Similar Products:
XXL Magazine

XXL Magazines
This prezi will demonstrate and explain the research carried out on the specific Hip-Hop magazine "XXL"
XXL mission is to take a mature real and intelligent approach to hip hop music. XXL keeps up with hip hops energy and targets the people that live for urban music. The general target audience for XXL magazine is 78% male readers, with the median age of 27, and 44.7% college buyers, and 67% African Americans. Priced at $5.99 XXL is the number 1 selling magazine on the newsstand which outsells magazines like Rolling Stone, Vibe, and spin. The readers of XXL purvey hip hop culture; consume music, and fashion and lifestyle on a level that defines logic. The readers are either in clubs, online, onstage, and at shops (places they can gain or access music from). XXL readers helped the magazine to become NO.1 most influential brand in rap media. XXL is no.1 selling ABC audited music publication sold worldwide and is the hip hops media brand.
XXL's editorial mission is to take a more mature, real and intelligent approach to hip hop, with an emphasis on the music and lifestyle that are at the heart and soul of the culture.
XXL keeps up with the pace of hip-hop's dynamic energy and targets the trendsetter who lives for urban music. As the culture continues to evolve, XXL is there to deliver the most progressive view of the music and the culture surrounding it.
Key locations
History and development of the genre
Ideology/lifestyle and values reflected within the genre

Featured Stars
Below is a questionnaire that 'XXL' themselves conducted which highlights the main target audience.:
It is clearly evident, through the results that XXL's main

are predominantly male, African-American and aged between 25-29. The gender and ethnicity is expected as Hip-Hop first began in Africa/America...

Using the XXL survey results, therefore gives me an insight as to who my ideal
target audience
is and how to appeal to them.
Using the software 'Wordle', i have creates a collage of a variety of the featured stars within XXL magazines. Majority of them are predominately of African-American heritage, hence the target audience.
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