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The Death Penalty

Facts, opinions, and global affect of the death penalty.

adama gueye

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of The Death Penalty

Penalty By: Adama Gueye and
Marieme Diop "The Deadline Documentary" is a film about the Death Penalty in America.

The main points that stood out to us in the documentary were:

The role of race in The Death Penalty

The number of countries that practice the Death Penalty

Innocent people who are punished with the Death Penalty What does Race Have to do With Anything? "The Deadline Documentary" showed how the race of a criminal or a victim, can often be a factor on how the case is dealt with. The Deadline
Documentary: Position on The Death Penalty: The Death Penalty, officialy known as Capital Punishment, is the punishment of death due to the commiting of a certain crime. What Parts of the World Practice The Death Penalty? In "The Deadline Documentary", the amount of countries that practice the Death Penalty Was often mentioned. The number has decreased in the past decades, but ther are still parts of the world that practice it. Should
be condemned
death? WHY
BELIEVE THIS? Sources What if the Wrong Life is Taken? In "The Deadline Documentary", it was shown that there have been cases of people who were punished with the death penalty or put on death row despite the fact that they were innocent. "The Last Days of a Condemend Man" is a Novel written by Victor Hugo about the daily life of a death row inmate in prison. "Haunting Prison
Environment" "Family Seperation That Lasts Forever" "Mental
Issues" Journalism Students
Save Anthony Porter ( February 26th 1802 – May 22 1885) "Does The Death Penalty Save Lives?
A New Debate." According to a "New York Times" article written by reporter Adam Liptak, there are supposedly links between The Death Penalty and Homicide rates. Suprisingly there is much evidence that proves that this isn't true. Evidence Well if it Doesn't Save Lives, Then What Does it Do? The Death Penalty Consumes a Large Amount of OUR money and puts a price tag on human LIFE. People just like YOU and Me, being murdered by people just like YOU and Me. Saddam Hussien Executed Sadam Hussien was an Iraqi dictateur. He was Executed on Dec 29, 2006 for crimes against humanity. What does Saddam Hussien have to do with the Death Penalty? Despite the undeniable fact that the late Saddam Hussien murdered many people, even he did not deserve to die. After his execution, reports of bombings followed. "They can kill him ten times, but it won't bring safety to the streets because there is no state of law"

-An Iraqi Taxi Driver Saddam Hussien was an Iraqi dictateur. He was executed by The Iraqi Special Tribunal on December 29th, 2006 for crimes against humanity. He was trialed and sentenced to death during the 2003 U.S invasion of Iraq. The Last Days of a Condemned Man: The Ohio State Reformatory

MansField , Ohio We are both against the death penalty because we believe that it is a waste of money and most importantly, it is absolutely immoral for any human to take another human's life. No ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE A LIFE. From the Justice system, to the DEATH system. Victor Hugo Where The Money Goes wHERE IT COULD BE GOING "Despite who they are or what they've done, they can turn their lives around."

- The Electric Chair Inside The Prison In Conclusion For every person executed, one less issue is solved and many more are created. False Buriel?
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