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ROI in training

An open discussion about HR role and importance in the Corporate world

dan berteanu

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of ROI in training

Strategies for investing in people 1. Let others do it! 2. Invest the minimum! 3. Invest with the rest! 4. Invest until it hurts! 5. Invest as long as there is a payoff! ROI Methodology “Fast Company” magazine
August 2005
Keith H. Hammonds

“Why we hate HR”

Just curious? Interested? Excited? Want to...

elevate your professional profile?
defend current or future HR budgets?
become a Strategic Partner?
improve you personal image?
talk persuasive to an Executive?
get a seat on the table? You
wrong! Dan Berteanu
+40724 21 6565
dan.berteanu@ubd.ro RESULTS BASED APPROACH ROI in training - fad or necessity - Istanbul, May 27th 2010
AGENDA for today

what is the general context?
what is measurement context?
how to measure?
why to measure? Isolating methods It is not about you or your HR function!
You cannot do it alone!
You have to build up trust!
You have to practice and make mistakes!
You have to walk before running!
You have to have guts! DAN BERTEANU I know I do The best and brightest do not go into HR
HR pursue efficiency in lieu of value
HR does not understand business CASE Study - Teambuilding program Let's play change!
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