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Google Tools for the Classroom

one educator's dive into the Google Universe

Kerry Tallon

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Google Tools for the Classroom

tools for the classroom
One educator's dive into the Google Universe
What is the Google hype?
What can Google do in my classroom?
An organizational tool that can embed your school year calendar and keep your co-workers aware of upcoming tests, quizzes, and projects in your subject area.
An easy way to keep in touch with the important people in your school. You can make a group to keep in touch with your team of teachers, your department, and even your classes of students.
The place for your files on Google. Create, edit, save, and share documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, and drawings. Teachers can create quizzes, students can collaborate on documents, and classes can compare data using Drive. This is the space where you save and create your personal materials on Google. Drive is Google's replacement for your flash drive.
The place to download applications for you to use in your Chrome Web Browser. Apps and extensions can be installed to make your life easier online. The web store is vast; it has content related apps, teacher organizational apps, study resources for students, and games. Below I highlighted 2 apps and 1 extension that I have found extremely useful.
A central hub for everything on your personal Google account. Google Plus gives you a live feed of what you and people you follow are up to. This is a great way to enhance your professional self. One awesome feature that Google+ has is Google Hangout, a video conferencing feature.
I have entered the Google Universe
and am ready for more!
Presentation: Prezi
Quotes & Images from: Twitter and Google
Google Apps highlighted: Calendar, Groups, Drive, Presentations, Chrome Web Store, and Google Plus
Kerry Tallon
Marlboro Middle School
Grade 8 Science Teacher

Kerry Tallon
Marlboro Middle School
Grade 8 Science Teacher
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