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Les Filles du Roi

No description

Kate O.

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Les Filles du Roi

Les Filles du Roi
Basic Needs
For meeting their basic needs, I think they just beat their needs. I think this because for clothes, they made all their clothes and I think they just made enough clothes so that they wouldn't need anymore clothes for a while. For food, they grew their food and made fresh bread everyday. They also had a root cellar full of a whole bunch of varieties for food. So, they had lots of food. For shelter they made their houses out of logs like a cabin. This would be the most convenient way to build their house since they need to clear the land. Also, if something went wrong with their house, they would have to fix it. So, they do meet their basic needs.
Daily Routines

In the morning, a Fille du Roi has many responsibilites. When they wake up, they open up the windows and shutters and let fresh air blow through the house. Then, all the matresses are shaken out, and the pillows are fluffed. Next, they neatly fold all their quilts and blankets. After that, they sweep all the rooms in the house and sprinkle water on the floors to help prevent dust from coming back. Then, they prepare fresh bread, milk, and homemade pancakes for breakfast.

In the evening, after their church service, it is time to prepare supper. For supper they have soup, baked beans, salted eels, fresh bread, the children have milk and the adults have cider. For dessert they have more fresh bread with maple sugar and a big dollop of fresh whipped cream to top it all off. After supper, for free time the woman did their needlework. Every Saturday night before bed it's bath night. Every evening the whole family prays before they went to bed.
Once they hear the ring of the afternoon church bell, it is time to prepare the afternoon meal. For this meal they prepare an onion and cabbage omelette. They normally don't have much for this meal, since it's like a snack until supper. After, they tidy up all the dishes from their lunch. Then, they plant their garden. They plant peas, beans, onions, and cucumbers. They are finished with their afternoon chores, they go to an afternoon church service.
By: Kate Otterbein
The comparisons between the Filles du Roi's life and my life is that in the morning they do a lot of chores as soon as they wake up. When I get up, I just have to go out of my room and breakfast is already served and I don't need to help prepare it like the a Fille Du Roi daughter does. Also, I can go to school like most of the girls back then didn't go to school. In the afternoon, the Filles Du Roi have to do a lot of household chores. I have to feed my dogs, and unload the dishwasher after school and my brother and I share that job. I think we have easier lives today because of all the technology that has been created to gie us easier lives. For example, dishwashers help us becaus we just have to put dishes in, start the dishsher and they come out clean. In New France, they didn't have dishwashers. So, they would need to wash the dishes by hand. In the evening, they need to make supper. I don't have to help with supper all that much because of stoves, microwaves etc. For fun, they do their needlework. I go on the laptop or my iPad for fun. They also have bath night on Saturday night. With limited water. I shower every other night at least and I have unlimited water. Finally, before bed they pray. I don't really pray before bed.
A Fille Du Roi has many challenges. First, they have to marry someone who they have only known for 2 weeks! I think that would be the hardest challenge of them all! Second, they have to provide food for their family. Since there were no grocery stores or any kind of food providing shop, they had to home grow and freshly bake all their food. They did this in the morning after they clean the house. If you ask me, this would take all day. I would not be able to bake bread, harvest food from the garden and clean the whole house before the afternoon. I think it would take up most of the day. They also had to hand make their clothes with a loom. They made all of the family's clothes.
Comparisons of the challenges
My challenges are so much different from a Fille Du Roi's. First, one of my challenges is keeping my room clean. They had absolutely no problem with that because every morning they would wake up and clean the house starting with the bedrooms. Another one of my challenges is waking up in the morning. There is nothing I don't like more than having to wake up early. Once again, the Filles Du Roi's had no problem with that. In fact, they wake up really early in the morning every morning. A final challenge of mine is doing my homework right after school. I often forget about it until around 8:30 p.m. The Filles Du Roi didn't go to school so they had no problem with this either.
The basic needs for a Fille Du Roi and their family is much different than mine and my family's basic needs. First, we need shelter like all human beings. But, the shelter we can create now is much different than back then. Then, they used logs from the trees they had to clear and they constructed a house out of that. Today, we also have wood, but we have bricks, and strong plasic type sidings for our houses. We have shingles for our roof too, to help keep the rain out. In New France, they just used pieces of wood to use as a roof. For food, they didn't have as much access to food as we do. If we are hungry, we have a cupboard full of food and easy access to a grocery store. Then, they didn't eat whenever they were hungry, they ate when it was time for their next meal. For clothes, we have plenty of clothes to get us through life. We have stores for that too. But, they had to make their clothes so they didn't have very much.
The Filles Du Roi did not have a very good eduction. They didn't go to school at all. They knew the basics for what they had to do every day. Like, how to cook and bake, make clothes etc. When they had daughters and they were old enough to help around the house, they would teach their daughters how to do everything they needed to get to their house work done.
Similarities and Differences?
I don't think there are any similarities between today's education and New France's education. I think this because the Filles Du Roi's didn't go to school and I do. So, they didn't have that education that they needed for life. If they had that education, they could teach their children some of the knowledge they have to help them get through life. I think it would be hard to get through life when you don't know math or other things to help you.
What was the system of government?

Roles the men played in New France
The Seigneurs: The Seigneurs were the men who owned a Habitant's land. The Seigneur was like the Habitant's boss.

Habitants: The Habitant's worked for the Seigneurs. He did the farming and chores for the seigneur.

Courer de Bois: The Courer de Bois' were the fur traders. They traded furs with the First Nations tribes.
Roles the women played in New France
The Women Seigneurs: The Women Seigneurs were the highest of all the women. They were Filles Du Roi's at one point, but if a seigneur needed a wife, she would become a woman seigneur.

The Women Habitants: The Women Habtants were a Habitant's husband. They work in the garden, clean their houses, and make the meals, and do all of the housework.

Filles Du Roi: The Filles Du Roi were women who were sent over to New France to marry the men who needed a wife. They then would become a Woman Seigneur or a Woman Habitant.
The System Of Government
The order
The Seigneurs

The Habitants

The Courer De Bois

Filles Du Roi and the Habitant women

How society has changed over the years
Society has chaneged a lot over the years. Today, everyone is treated more fairly. Like today, people don't hire other people to do their farming for them. They hire people to help but they often do not hire someone to do it for them. For example, my grandpa doesn't hire my brother to do the farming for him. He hires him to help him. Most farmers today take pride in doing their own farm work and they often love doing it.
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