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on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Albert

What did he Do ?
Albert created medicine for the sick . The medicine is spacial for certain people that have polio. Polio was a disease that affects the central nervous system.
He was born August 26, 1906 Biastok Poland
He died in March 3,1993 Washington DC
Thanks For Watching
Want to learn more go to google and search Albet Bruse Sabin .
His helpers
One of is helpers is Jonas Salk
Also Hilary Koprowski,and more

His spouse are Heloisa dushee de Abranches1972-1993
Jane Warner 1967-1971
Sylvia Tregtillus 1935-1966.
Albert Bruse Sabin
When was he born?
His Spouse?
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