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Cai Lun

No description

Jacqueline Turner

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Cai Lun

Cai Lun
Why should get the award?
I believe that I should get this award for most influential figure of Ancient China because my invention of the paper making process has become a world wide thing over the centries. My invention has been used in schools, business places, and at home. This paper making invention is why we have a society, why we have schooling. Paper is the most oldest invention that is still used in modern society. Ancient ways of art like origami. Paper has changed the way people live. We use it everyday for: money, writing, drawing, and famous artworks like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and his inventions.
Time Line
Early Years:

Born in Guiyang
Born during the Eastern Han Dynasty
Part of a poor family

Served as a court eunuch

Promoted to Shang Fang Si

Adult Years & Contributions:

Became an associate of Consort Deng Sui

Invented composition for paper
Invented paper making process

Empress Deng Sui died
Consort Song sent Cai Lun to prison
Out of fear, Cai Lun took prison and drank poison

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Paper making process
As though the paper making process is found incomplete here is some photos of paper making.
Cai Lun Looks
By Jacqueline Turner
All though paper wasn't made out of
fancy things like it is now it was really
made out of anything I could find!
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