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No description

Katlynn Schneider

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Teamwork

Benefits to the Business
Create a stronger working environment as everyone pulls together to help one another become better employees
Benefits to the Worker
Sense of Ownership
Feel like a valued member of a team and a bigger part of the company
Good Team Characteristics
Obstacles To Teamwork
In the Workplace
It is important to learn how to function in a team environment so that you will have teamwork skills when you enter the workforce
Increased learning
Working with a team exposes employees to the methods and work ethic of potentially more experienced employees
Employees will rely on one another and ask for help
Lack of Motivation
"can't-do" attitude and lose determination and belief in the team
If it becomes challenging frustration can cause loss of motivation
Unclear Roles
may result in confusion and lack of cohesion within the group--more than one person works on the same task, wasting time and possibly leading to disagreements.
While a strong leader can often be an asset to a team, somebody who considers his knowledge and skills superior to others can be just as hurtful
Can cause friction and frustration within the group--if others do not agree
Poor Communication
You must communicate regularly to stay on top of work and progress
ensure that the communication is regular and informative
hold members accountable
Consider your teammates as your equals, and value their opinions and needs as you would your own
Lack of Goals
No "game plan" can cause confusion and loss of time
Have a plan before beginning and use time effectively
A combined action by a group of people who work together for a common cause
Increases the efficiency of departments
Instills a communal sense of responsibility and helps the department work better as a whole
Multiple points of view
Each employee has different skills and strengths to develop new ideas faster
Easier time solving problems
Pull together different solutions when problems arise
Lighter workloads
Boost employee morale and provide a stronger business
Employees can develop a strong network
Doors will open for the company to gain more customers
Business Credibility
Customers will have better interactions with your business
Figure out how skills and talents fit with those of the other team members
Everyone must understand their role
Each member of the team should understand that everyone's part in the project is equally valid
Communicate with the rest of the group for updates, questions, ideas and general input.
Allows everyone to be able to share their ideas and opinions without fear
Members should respect every aspect of other members, though they may not agree with it: ideas, communication abilities, background, religion, work style and cultural traditions
Respect can create the trust
Creates a comfortable and safe place for all
Team members that can work through roadblocks together, will be able to work smoothly even during rough times
Strategy will differ from team to team and the individual team must work out the problem-solving methods that work best for it
Develop its own strategy of problem solving and conflict management
Can help create enthusiasm
The result is greater than the efforts of a single person
The good of the common goal comes before the individual preferences and interests of the members
Resolve problems and disagreements by determining what is best for the team and the end goal
If a team is unsure what their goals or objectives are in the first place they wont be able to complete project
Objectives should be clear and concise
Factors contributing to discrimination can range from gender or race to class, education or experience at the role
1. What do you think is the most important teamwork characteristic for a group?

2. What is an obstacle that can hurt a group reach their goal?
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