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warda subah

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Introduction

Accomplishments/ Legacy
Early life
Portia had a huge interest in music and singing ever since she was little. She was always determined to the two things she loved doing, which was singing and dancing. Every morning after doing all her chores, she would run to her nearby church, put on her robe, and lead the church choir. As she got older, she joined a little singing group to learn more about classical/opera music, which got her to having a music career.
After a few years, Portia released her first song, but the title was unknown. She then released her first ever album which won an international reown (an award that states of being widely acclaimed and higly honoured.)

Portia White was the child of Izie Dora and William Andrew White. Portia had 13 siblings and she was the third child in the family. Izie Dora (mother) was a musical director of "black Loyalists." William Andrew White (father) was the minister of "Cornwalis Street Baptist Church" in Halifax, after graduating from Acadia University in 1903, being the University's first black to graduate from that university. The White's family achieved many fame in canadian cultural as well as political life. Bill White (brother) was the first canadian being black to run for political office in Canada.
Famous Quote/ Belief
"Follow your dreams, and if they dont turn out right, try again."
Interesting Facts
Portia White, is known for being a black canadian operatic contralto. She was born on June 24, 1911 in Truro, Nove Scotia , Canada. Portia died at the age of only 56 on February 13, 1968.
Portia White
Full Name: Portia May White
Date of Birth: June 11th 1911
Died: February 13th, 1968
Genres: Jazz, Classical, Gospel
Has a stamp made after her
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