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Copy of Energy Saving Project

No description

Chung Yin

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Energy Saving Project

Energy Saving Project
A youtube video for you to enjoy.
A youtube video about a jungle home in costa rica that saves the environment by not cutting
down any trees.
By: Arden & Maddie
Ideas to save the Earth:
Use fluorescent

light bulbs
Use energy star appliances
Make sure all appliances are off
Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when full
Have a shower instead of a bath (use less water.)
Use the clothesline instead of the dryer whenever possible
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Use reusable bags when shopping
Walk, bike, or carpool whenever possible
Have a hybrid or fuel efficient vehicle
Don't cut down trees when you don't have to
Always use fluorescent light bulbs!
Saving Energy Paragraph
Energy of the Future Paragraph:
Thanks for watching!
Don't be mean
Stay Green!
To begin, saving energy is a big deal. If we don't save energy our earth will be destroyed very soon. We are going to tell you about a couple of different ways to save energy. One way is instead of using an air conditioner in the summer open some windows instead. It saves energy while still keeping you cool. Another way is in the summer when it is hot or in the winter when it is cool do not leave doors open for a long time because it will waste your heat and coolness in your house and it will now make your house either cold or hot and it pollutes the air.
Energy Saving Scenarios
Arden is playing on the computer. The
phone rings and Arden is invited to a
sleepover. What is Arden doing to waste energy?
Maddie is in her room watching T.V. Her mom is
calling her for dinner. Maddie goes down stairs.
What is Maddie doing to waste energy?
Bonus Question
Emma is watching T.V. downstairs with the light on and her i-pod & phone are charging. Her friend Hannah calls and asks her to hang out. She grabs her i-pod and phone and is gone. What is Emma doing to waste energy?
The average house uses 38% of its total energy on heating
More than 40% of heat loss from an normal home is through the walls and attic.
Arden and I have decided that there are 2 possible types of energy in the future. The 2 types are Wind and Solar. Lets discuss wind first. Wind is a great power and generates a lot of energy but they are big and need a big space (e.g a farmers field.) People also don't like the noise they create. So we came to a conclusion that although wind energy is good and produces a lot of energy but they are too big and inconvenient. The next energy is Solar. We decided this is better because although solar panels are very expensive they collect and store energy from the sun for long periods of time. Remember that they will pay for themselves in the near future. We decided solar energy is the energy of the future because is pays for itself and will bring down pollution.
Your saving
the Earth
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