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Group 5 Digital Footprint Project

The good and bad about Digital Footprints.

Tanmay B

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Group 5 Digital Footprint Project

Laugh Time! The good and the bad about digital footprints. On the Internet, a digital footprint is the word used to describe the "footprints" that people leave online.
By "footprints" we mean a person's track of what they leave/write/post online. What are digital footprints? How do you keep your digital footprint positive? Can a digital footprint be good? How can a digital footprint be negative? Yes, however it is only if the comment, video or blog was educational or helpful. For example, if you posted something about learning, your teacher/future boss will know you as a positive and helpful person. Some good examples of Digital Footprints would be: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Kidblog. Websites can make your Digital Footprint larger. Youtube Facebook
Twitter Bing Yahoo Google When you post something inappropriate, remember everyone can see what you've posted, and this will definitely reflect on who you are as a person.

Example: Teachers looking at your
blogs at school, family friends looking
at your facebook, businesses
looking at your websites.
Here are some Digital Footprint websites: http://www.digitalfootprint.ca/ http://www.kidsmart.org.uk/digitalfootprints/ USE YOUR BRAIN ONLINE Think TWICE and REREAD before posting anything! http://www.digitalfootprint.ca/
http://thedigitalfootprintproject.com/ DIGITAL ETIQUETTE (NETIQUETTE)
Be nice on the internet and think
of WHO you are directing your
message to BEFORE you write! The following websites track your digital footprint. Digital Footprints The end Always be nice on the Internet. http://i-am-a-digital-citizen.wikispaces.com/file/view/digitalfootprint3.jpg/234431688/digitalfootprint3.jpg
http//www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=kdMrMSSCb6s3laJuH98 It can affect you in the present/future. For example, if you posted a bad picture or rude comment online and then you go to work/school, if your boss/teacher finds out; there is a possibility that he can fire/dismiss you! Now you know how a digital footprint can
be good or bad. Here is a picture of my FB: ONLINE SAFETY!
--> Websites have privacy settings, so let only your friends see your profile and information; strangers should not be allowed to look at your personal information! Our Point of View about Digital Footprints According to us, digital footprints allow people around the world to communicate and interact with each other. Near or far, without having to meet face to face. This was a picture of a digital footprint, which shows that the whole world becomes A SMALLER, more connected place. Here is an article about employers going to peoples facebook pages:
http://thehiringsite.careerbuilder.com/2012/04/20/what-are-employers-seeking-and-finding-out-about-candidates-through-social-media/ Example: An Email, IM, Text, post on FB, writing on website/blog
are some examples of digital footprints Formal = NO abbreviations
NO emoticons!
All caps = YELLING!
Check for tone, grammar and spelling BEFORE the message is out Example: Teacher communication with parents Communication with my grandparents/cousins in India, England Class website, Email, Blog posts, Twitter Emails, FB, IM, Text, Calling Whats worse than a digital footprint in your bathtub? 2 digital footprints in your bathtub
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