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USS Enterprise Career

THis Prezi shows the career of the USS Enterprise and her men.

Spencer O

on 9 February 2012

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Transcript of USS Enterprise Career

USS Enterprise Cv-6 The USS Enterprise was commisioned on May 12, 1938. From there, she made the greatest contribution to a war that a carrier ever has. On November 26, 1941, she was under war operations due to the foresightedness of her task force commander, Vice Admiral William F Halsey Jr. He was to lead the Enterprise through the beginning of the war. Throughout the beginning of the war, the USS Enterprise accomplished raids on Japanese outposts in the Pacific. Also, the Enterprise took part in the Dolittle Raid of April 1942 with the USS Hornet. The Enterprise took the offensive again in the Battle of Midway, where U.S. carrier air forces delivered a sobering blow to the heart of the Japanese Navy. Then, in late 1942, she took place in the invasion of Guadalcanal and the Battle of the Eastern Solomons Then, she took place in the bloody Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Here, she took two bomb hits and countless near misses. Then, in 1943, she took place in the invasion of the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. The Enterprise also took place in the Truk raid. Truk was used as a foreward base for the Japanese Navy and also a highly busy shipping port. Then, she joined TF 38 for the invasion of Okinawa. There, she faced the thing that would almost mean her doom, the Kamikaze. After a major overhaul stateside, the Enterprise took part in Operation Magic Carpet. With the government not needing her anymore, she was put in mothballs. After ten years, it became apparent that she could not be modernized to accomodate the big jets now serving the US Navy. A momentus effort to save her was raised, joined by an old Enterprise friend, Fleet Admiral William F Halsey. Even these people and Secretary of the Navy Forrestall couldn't raise enough money. The Enterprise was scrapped at Kearny, New Jersey. But, at that time, another USS Enterprise was being finished, one that would change the way that the world would look at aircraft carriers forever... The next Enterprise, CVAN-65, was a revolution in carrier technology. It featured an entirely new type of propulsion that would be the mainstay for the USN when it came to carriers for generations to come.
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