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abby H

No description

theresa Sauer

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of abby H

What is electricity?
Electricity is energy. It starts with particles that are from atoms. Atoms are too small to see. All atoms have protons and nuetrons, they all belong in the nuecleus.
What kinds of energy and natural resources can be used to create electricity?
Fossil fuels, which include coal, oil, and natural gas, are nonrenewable because it took millions of years for them to form it. Once use all our fossil fuels, they will be gone for good.
Safety Expert
How can electricity hurt you?

It makes your heart pulse. You can get burned. You can get shocked. You can’t pull away because your mussels tighten up.
How can trees and power lines hurt you?
You could let go because of the electricity and fall. List some safety devices in your home....
Plastic plugs rubber cased wires. Make Sure not to put wires in water.
Create a safety checklist.....
Check outlets, get wires, check wires every 2 years. Remind mom and dad not to touch power lines


600 BCE- Discovering static electricity
Thales discovered that amber rubbed with certain things attracted light objects.
900 BCE- Huang-ti discovered the compass.
1500- William Gilbert discovered that amber is not the only thing that attracts light things. Diamond, gold, glass, and a few other objects also attract light things.
1660- Otto Von Guericke built the first electric generator.
1752- Ben Franklin discovered electricity.
Where does electricity come from?
It starts out in a powerplant which there it is made in generators. Then its sent to a transformer there it increases power and is sent to powerlines all over the country! Next electricity is sent to smaller lines then comes to our house.
How is electricity generated?
Electricity is generated in many ways. A powerplant uses at least three different fuels. Also there are 54 fossil fuels plants. Its also generated in huge powerplants.
How does electricity travel thru conductors?
Electricity has a conductor and a insulator. Many materials such as copper and metal allow electricity to flow thru them. Those materials are called conductors Conductors let electricity flow freely thru the materials.
How do insulators affect how electricity travels?
Electricity also has a insulators. Insulators such as rubber and plastic don't allow electricity to flow thru them freely. Electricity actually does not really flow through rubber at all. Electricity has trouble flowing thru insulators all the time.
How can water be used to create electricity?
Geothermal energy uses hot water or steam from deep beneath the earth's surface to produce electricity.
What is nuclear energy and how is it produced?
Nuclear energy is the energy that is generated from splitting atoms of radioactive materials like uranium.
What is natural gas and how can it be used to create energy?
Natural gas is a fossil fuel found deep in the earth. Natural gas is found a lot without oil. The fossil fuel is burned to produce heat, which is used to make steam. The steam turns the blades on turbine. Which is thermal energy.
Where do oil, coal, and fossil fuels come from and how are they used to make energy?
Coal is burned to make electricity, oil is found deep in the earth, and fossil fuel are fuels formed in the ground from the remains of dead plants and dead animals . They are all deep in the earth and that is where they are found.
What kinds of problems do some of these energy sources create for the environment?
It can kill plants and animals. And put bad air on the earth
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