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Being an EPQ Supervisor

No description

Michael Rickner

on 2 September 2017

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Transcript of Being an EPQ Supervisor

Being an EPQ Supervisor
What is an EPQ
EPQ stands for: 'Extended Project Qualification'

Opportunity to to do a project in an area (outside of the A-Level curriculum) that interests the student.

Main aspect - Development of skills that are vital for for A-levels but most importantly for life after Stowe; either in work or university.
Aims and Objectives
All Project Qualifications must enable learners to:
Develop their independent learning ability
Plan and review their work
Use their learning experiences to support their aspirations for further study and/or career development
Where appropriate, develop confidence in applying appropriate technologies in their studies
Transfer skills developed as part of their project to other areas of study

The Title - Log Book Section
The most important part of the whole process.

Is the title suitable:
Analysis/Evaluation? OR simple description/explain.
Personal Bias
Difficulty in understanding themes/issues within topic

Helping the student create a good title will be vital if their EPQ is going to succeed.
Project Proposals
The Candidate completes part A - declaring it
is their own work etc etc

You complete part B!
Planning Review
Setting SMART Objectives:

A project aim is what you want to achieve
An objective is how you are going to achieve it

Overview of the
Role of the
Agreeing a Project Title and Proposal
Completing the Supervisor’s section in the Production Log
Meeting with the learner for (at least 4) regular reviews
Confirming that a presentation took place and the provision of a record of questioning
Endorsing each learner’s Production Log and Assessment Record
Assessing the work of the candidate and following any standardisation and internal moderation procedures required by the Centre Coordinator

The Log Book
See Log Book

Project Q
The Supervisor
The Role of the supervisor - is the most important position in the whole of the EPQ.
Overview of Structure & Timings
EPQ Supervisor Handbook - Page 5
What does an EPQ consist of?
1) Writing an extended essay (approx 5000 words)

2) Creating an artefact (this can pretty much be anything: a movie, song, piece of art) - this must be accompanied by a written report of at least 1000 words.
An EPQ is worth half an A2 in UCAS
points. EPQ A* = 28 UCAS points
The students can do group projects - but everything must still be produced indivudally and uniquely.
You are there to question and challenge your EPQ
student, every step of the way.

To make them question and think about, and rethink,
every decision that they have made.

It is this continual reflection and questioning and the
subsequent writing up...that will gain them the most
Learners are required, with appropriate supervision, to:
Choose an area of interest
Draft a project title and aims for approval by the Centre
Plan, research and carry out the project
Deliver a presentation to a specified audience
Provide evidence of all stages of project development and production for assessment
Word Count
Resources Available
The ''hecticness'' of Stowe.
''Do the title and proposed action indicate that the learner will be capable of investigating and researching the topic or carrying out the activity or task independently and within appropriate ethical or methodological guidelines?''

This part can end up taking 6-8
weeks if necessary.
I complete part C
Symbiotic Relationship with the taught course!
Mid-Project Review
This is the last point that a student can change their title - once the mid-project review is completed the title is locked in!
The mid-project review should include formal negotiated agreement between Supervisor and candidate on:
Agreed title and objectives of the project
Intended form of the project product
Intended date and form of the presentation
Appropriate assessment evidence to be prepared, in addition to the production log and written report
Date and administrative requirements of submission
Project Product Review
As supervisor - you will have looked at and commented on their final draft of their project.

I will also aim to do this as co-ordinator to ensure that they have included areas I have taught them in the taught course section.
Commenting on:

Any final bits and pieces they
need to do in order to complete
their project
e.g. Put Bibliography in alphabetical order!
The Presentation (PART B)
I will have covered presentation skills within the taught course - however, this may end up being an area you help with: advice on presentation styles etc.
A record of the Presentation with the Supervisor and confirmation of relevant questioning
The Presentation must be:
For a non-specialist audience,
Of an appropriate form
Supported by answers to questions from the Supervisor

Assessment and Marking
The marking takes place across the whole project and marks can be awared from:
- Log Book
- Actual Project (inc appendices)
- Presentation
As a supervisor - you will mark the project (see specification for mark scheme).
It is then moderated: hopefully we will all help to moderate each others.

The aim would be for us all to attend a standardisation INSET in the New Year to ensure we are all singing off the same hymn sheet.
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