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Nathan Lee

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Prepositions

Examples of the Prepositional Phrase
After several minutes, we located the key for the door.
In this sentence, the prepositional phrase is:
After several minutes.
How is the Prepositional Phrase made?
Prepositional phrase parts
What are prepositions?
Prepositions are words that describe a noun or pronoun's position.

Mistakes that are thought to be Prepositions

A word that looks like a preposition but is actually a verb form acting as an adjective is called a

The Prepositional Phrase
Prepositions are nearly always combined with other words in structures called prepositional phrases.

A prepositional phrase is a group of words containing a preposition, a noun or pronoun as the object of the preposition, and any modifiers of the object.
Some examples of prepositions are
, or
The bird flew above the low-hanging clouds searching for somewhere to land.

The preposition in this sentence is
, the object of the preposition is
, and the modifier is
For example: The running boy was faster than all the other racers.
The word
is a participle because it is a
being used as an adjective to modify boy
An example of a prepositional phrase is, the bird
flew over
the cloud.
How to differentiate participles from prepositions
To differentiate prepositions and participles, remember that participles are verb forms acting as adjectives and prepositions are words that tell a noun or pronoun's relationship to another noun or pronoun.
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