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Our Journey Through Transformation

The Children's Pathway - London Borough of Hillingdon

Sara Allen

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Our Journey Through Transformation

London Borough of Hillingdon
Our Journey to Transformation

How it felt for our staff and families
Where next?
My Personal Journey
Change and reframe
The challenges facing us
KPIs only told part of the story
A testing pilot inspection
gave us a reality check
The numbers of children entering
the system felt out of control
National austerity measures focused our mind to efficiencies
The transformation journey doesn't have a finishing line
How are we doing?
Driving practice change
our approach

Voice of the family and staff
wasn't always heard
The hard work
Compliments are up
Complaints are down
Governance / Scrutiny
Monthly Review

CEO / Lead Member

Policy Overview Committee
Internal Audit
Needs Analysis
Pathway Reviews
Practice Discussions
Voice of the child
Management information
How it works in practice
Group Learning
Practice Change
Practice Guidelines
Action Learning Sets
Training Needs Analysis
New Audit Tools
Staff Briefings
What difference has it made
Merlin Joseph
Director of Children and Young People's Services

London Borough of Hillingdon
Staff and Users at the heart of what we do
Our Projects
Early Intervention
Social Care
Paul Hewitt
Head of Safeguarding &
Quality Assurance
Dan Kennedy
Performance and Intelligence
The half pipe operating model
All age disabilities and special educational needs
Key worker
by a Hillingdon Mum
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