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Webshop: Elevator Pitch

No description

Laurie Haskell-Woerner

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Webshop: Elevator Pitch

Make an Impact in 30 Seconds
Perfect Your Pitch
Golden Gate University
Office of Career Planning

What is it?
When to use it?
Networking (purposeful & non-purposeful)
What's in it?
Your name, title & specialization
Elevator Pitch Webshop
CyberCampus > OCP Online Seminars
(if no account, use username: ggucareers password: online)
Access through GGUCareers
Search "elevator pitch" or "elevator speech" for more tips and examples
Conversation starter
Helps people get to know you
Interview ("Tell me about yourself")
Whenever you meet someone new
What you do/what you are doing now
Why you are the best/unique/special
Call to action (what happens next?)
Office of Career Planning
40 Jessie Street, 3rd floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Build your pitch step-by-step
Create a general pitch that would work with a variety of settings & people
Your name, title, specialization
What you do/what you are doing now
Why you are the best/unique/special
Call to action/what happens next
Put it all together...
Maria Jones
Student at Golden Gate University
Pursuing bachelor's degree in business, accounting concentration
Current internship at mid-sized CPA firm
Gaining experience in a variety of aspects of accounting
Excelled in Auditing course
Strong interest in auditing
Want to learn more about careers in auditing
Interested in a Big Four firm
Would like to do an informational interview with Big Four auditor
My name is Maria Jones and I am a student at Golden Gate University pursuing my bachelor’s degree in business, with a concentration in accounting. I currently work as an intern at a mid-sized CPA firm where I have gained solid experience in a variety of accounting functions. Through my coursework, I have discovered that I have strong skills and an interest in auditing. I am interested in learning more about what it is like to work as an auditor in a Big Four firm. Would you be willing to meet with me for an informational interview so that I can learn more about what you do?
Combine parts into a complete pitch
Edit your pitch so it sounds right
Practice until it sounds and feels natural
Create different pitches for different audiences
Use autoplay for optimal viewing experience
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